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Mixed results for final two Men’s friendlies.

The final two friendlies of the 2019 season saw the OBA on the road for games against Berkshire and Worcestershire.

For the game on Wednesday 4th September. The direction for the first match was south-east to Purley-on-Thames and Trenthams BC to play Berkshire. With wins on 3 rinks all by narrow margins and with one lost by a single shot on the last end the game was decided by the loses on rinks 3 and 5 despite wins on the 21st end. A 50 game badge was awarded to Hanborough’s Colin Haley. 

Oxfordshire 116 Berkshire 126

Rink scores:

R Slater A Fleming R Barnett A Ley won 20-17
B Jarvie C Haley J McGeough B Bloomfield won 24-22
C Lewis J Timms I Whelpton M Morris lost 15-24
P Demczak J Stephens J Lucas M Andrew won 23-21
A Hunt G Thompson K Williams B Clarke lost 17-24
P Christmas J Hurren D Wedge P Robbins lost 17-18

One week later the direction was north-west and the venue for the match against Worcestershire at Hewell BC. Once again the rinks were shared at 3 each but convincing wins by Alan Ley and Brian Clarke and particularly Ian Whelpton saw Oxfordshire home by 18 shots.

Oxfordshire 132  Worcestershire 114

Rink scores 

B Jarvie J Timms J Lucas A Ley won 33-18
P Demczak T Gripe J Lafford B Clarke won 20-10
A Hunt C Haley K Buckle M Morris lost 19-24
S Tolhurst R Oliver J McGeough I Whelpton won 32-11
B Willoughby A Smith G Thomson  K Williams lost 13-31
R Slater J Hurren R Barnett M Andrew lost 15-20

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