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Oxon beat Bristol in friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Bristol St George BC to play City and County of Bristol on Tuesday 6th August. After a rain-swept start the weather improved and the match was completed in the dry. With the lead set by rink 1 who established a 15 shot lead by the 10th end the other rinks followed their lead and with only rink 4 surrendering their lead on end 20 Oxfordshire ended the match with their biggest win of the season. In the absence of the President Paul Demczak, Deputy President, lead the Oxfordshire men with style.

Oxfordshire 158 City and County of Bristol 90

C Lewis J Hurren J Lucas A Wase won 30-7.
S Tolhurst R Oliver G Thompson R Barnett won 24-20.
P Demczak J Stephens M Oliver I Whelpton won 29-15.
M Jones C Haley P Warner A Ley lost 21-22.
R Slater B Ealey A Fleming B Bloomfield won 27-16.
B Willoughby J McGeough D Wedge B Clarke won 27-10.

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