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Oxon lose to Middlesex in HCL

Oxfordshire returned to South Oxford BC on Saturday 3rd August for the Home Counties League match against Middlesex.

Hopes remained high until the 18thend when 5 of the rinks conceded 16 ends with only Kevin Alder’s 4 picking up a 2. This 14 shot deficit decided the match and Middlesex won by 13.

With only the away game against Buckinghamshire to play Oxfordshire’s hopes for 2019 were brought to a sad end.

Oxfordshire 112 and 4 points, Middlesex 125 and 18 points.

Henry Beall Richard Green Steve Aldren Paul Robbins lost 14-23.
Bernie May Alan Ley Chris Weller Chris Charles lost 12-22.
Bradley Squires Chris Lewis Ade Kemish Paul Sharman lost 17-21.
Paul Demczak David Wedge Sam Watts Shane Cooper lost 16-23.
Brian Bloomfield Mick Morris Orren Bennett Kevin Alder won 29-17.
Trevor Prew Alan Wase Brian Clarke Paul Comley won 24-19.

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