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Oxon men friendlies

Oxfordshire hosted Essex at Thame BC on 16th July and only managed to win on 1 rinks, albeit by 26 shots thanks to the efforts of Paul Demczak John McGeough Martin Oliver and Brian Clarke.  The 5 lost rinks meant that Oxfordshire lost the match by 5 shots.

Oxfordshire 109 Essex 114.

R Slater C Haley B Ray K Williams lost 11-19.
S Tolhurst T Gripe G Hooker M Andrew lost 13-25.
R Radband B Ealey L Days M Morris lost 17-18.
P Demczak J McGeough M Oliver and B Clarke won 35-9.
M Jones G Thompson P Warner P Robbins lost 15-16.
B Willoughby R Oliver D Wedge A Ley lost 18-27.

A week later the scene move to the north west of the county for the visit of Wiltshire for the visit of Wiltshire to West Witney BC.  Wins on 4 rinks were insufficient to counteract the two defeats on rinks 5 and 6 and Oxfordshire lost by 2 shots.

Oxfordshire 105 Wiltshire 107.

P Hickman J Stephens M Oliver L Days won 21-16.
M Jones T Gripe J Lucas P Robbins won 21-14.
S Tolhurst N Satchell B Ray A Ley won 24-19.
D Wright B Ealey I Whelpton B Clarke won 15-11.
J Timms J Hurren M Morris B Bloomfield lost 8-25.
P Demczak G Thompson P Warner M Andrew lost 16-22.

The following the annual match against the Isle of Wight at neutral green Three Mile Cross BC in Berkshire resulted in another close match. With three wins to each side the result was a draw, thanks to wins for Oxfordshire on the last end of 5 of the rinks. A colts badge was awarded to Shiplake’s John Gutteridge.

Oxfordshire 107 Isle of Wight 107.

Paul Demczak John Gutteridge J Lucas K Williams lost 10-25.
R Slater J McGeough T Gripe B Bloomfield won 21-12.
C Lewis C Hale A Fleming M Morris won 25-14.
B Jarvie J Timms G Thompson A Ley won 22-16.
P Christmas R Oliver D Bullock C Cox lost 11-18.
D Byers J Hurren D Wedge I Whelpton lost 18-22.

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