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Oxon men beat Warks in friendly

Oxfordshire Travelled to Lillington BC on Tuesday 2nd July to play Warwickshire, hoping to extend their winning streak of friendly games. With the match starting tight Oxfordshire were trailing by 194 shots after 16 ends.  Picking up 10 shots on end 17 enabled Oxfordshire to retain the momentum, winning on four rinks to take the match by 6 shots.

6-game badges were awarded to Witney Town’s Phil Warner and Watlington’s David Byers.

Oxfordshire 120 Warwickshire 114

Rink scores:- 
C Lewis R Oliver A Fleming I Whelpton won 20-16
D Byers R Radband J Lucas R Barnett won 22-19
C Haley J Timms K Williams M Andrew won 24-21
P Demczak J Hurren P Warner M Morris lost 14-18
A Hunt B Ealey K Buckle A Ley lost 16-26
P Hickman D Lafford B Clarke B Bloomfield won 24-14

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