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Oxon men lose to Leics in friendly

Oxfordshire men travelled to Leicestershire and Narborough BC on Wednesday 5th June .

Oxfordshire were always struggling to stay in touch and by the end were 13 shots behind, having won on 2 rinks and only losing 2 rinks by a single shot.

A colts badge was awarded to Carterton’s Roger Oliver and a full badge to John Hurren (Burford BC) and OBA treasurer.

Oxfordshire 102 Leicestershire 115

B Willoughby J Stephens J Benfield M Andrew won 19-16.
N Hambridge J McGeough J Hurren B Bloomfield won 23-20.
R Radband T Gripe D Wedge M Morris lost 19-20.
K Washngton A Smith K Buckle I Whelpton lost 10-23.
B Jrvie B Ealey D Bullock A Ley lost 14-18.
P Demczak R Oliver a Fleming C Lewis lost 17-18.

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