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League week 4

Week four of the season and, in some divisions at least, the best continue to dominate.

Certainly, in Division 1, two clubs are starting to move clear of the pack. Both Headington and Carterton appear to have overwhelmed their opponents, both winning six zero. Headington would have expected a close match against West Witney but in the end only David Leighfield’s men were able to get close, and then only by taking three shots on the last two ends to close the gap on Jason King’s men to a single shot at the finish.

Alan Scholan managed something similar for Witney Town in the local clash with Carterton, scoring five on the final end to close Paul Sharman’s men down to a single shot, and Paul Demczak’s game was close for thirteen ends but Gordon Walker’s rink drew well away by the finish.

Witney Mills produced the, slightly, unexpected result of the week defeating Watlington. Once Allan Wiggin’s rink was 14 – 1 up at halfway, overall defeat was a distinct possibility for the visitors as was the prospect of a first win of the season for Mills. Two five shot winning ends for Les Days’ men proving the difference between them and Davis Byers rink to give Mills the win.

Adderbury continue the dominant theme into Division 2, with comfortable six zero win over Chipping Norton, thus moving into second place with a game in hand over leaders City and County, who were themselves pushed hard at Charlbury. The outcome of this match was ultimately decided by the eleven shot win of Chris Lewis’s rink.

The closest match in the league was at Kidlington where the home side just overcame Headington. Three very tight rinks finished in favour of the visitors, Paul McGrath and Russell Edwards swapped the lead throughout and the drawn outcome echoed the game. Mike Peterson and Colin Whitehead’s match was just as tight with Mike just failing to score the two shots he needed on their last end, whilst Steve Gould just held off James Feeley. The last rink was stranger, Phil Arundel held three shots and match points to Headington, as Chris Cox played his last bowl; Chris playing with weight, hit the jack and moved it back to his own team’s wood, three shot and match points to Kidlington, who only won that one rink!

The surprise result in Division 3 came at Hanborough where the home side registered their first win of the season against previously unbeaten Bicester. Three rinks were close throughout the match, but Martin Oliver’s men dominated their rink which meant the match points were always going Hanborough’s way. A tied rink and two where the eventual winner built up good leads only to have to hang onto them over the final ends and the opposition fought back meant the outcome was victory for the home side.

Jim Gow’s sixteen shot win for Banbury Central would usually guarantee them match point. This game proved the exception as Graham Kennedy’s men more than matched this with a nineteen shot win for the visitors. Ed Creed snatched a single shot victory for Central on the final end and try as he might, Tom McKenna was unable to overcome Jim Bland’s ten shot lead at sixteen ends.

The third game in the division was a simpler affair with Chadlington cruising to comfortable victories on three rinks to inflict Bloxham their second successive defeat.

Traffic problems around Oxford meant that some Blackbird Leys players arrived at Woodstock too late to take part in the Division 4 game meaning the visitors competed with a weaken side and, unfortunately, were well defeated.

That win puts Woodstock atop the table but chasers Burford and West Oxford both have a match in hand.  John Hurren, for Burford, registered another win this week by a handsome margin, and he was ably supported by both Bob Parker and Tim Stacey’s rinks.

West Oxford went one better and travelled across Oxford to defeat South Oxford six zero. Comfortable wins on all rinks making their journey worthwhile.

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