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Oxon men beat Glous in Middleton Cup trial

The second Middleton Cup trial was played against Gloucestershire at Kidlington on 15th may. Starting slowly Oxfordshire trailed by 10 shots after 5 ends and failed to improve the situation by end 10.With 4 of the rinks of the two Carterton skip with Baden Powell establishing a healthy lead a and Paul Sharman struggling to stay in touch.  At close of play the rinks of David Leighfield and Ray Gaskins finished by winning the final two ends to finish level, Shane Cooper won the last end to finish 1 up and Chris Gilkes had won by 5. With Baden’s rink maintaining their lead and Paul’s quartet limiting the size of their loss, Oxfordshire won the match by 8 shots

Oxfordshire 121, Gloucestershire 113. 


Joe Justin Paul Skidmore Kevin Alder Baden Sparkes won 26-14
Jim Bland Orren Bennett Andy McIntyre David Leighfield drew 18-18.
Joe Abercrombie Brian Bloomield Lee Young Paul Sharman lost 16-26
Sam watts James Gaskins Remy Clanfield Chris Gilkees won 25-20
Bernie May Chris Weller A J Docherty Ray Gaskins drew 18-18
Mick Jeffs Keith Holloway Will Campion Shane Cooper won 18-17

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