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Oxon men beat City and County of Bristol

Oxfordshire returned home to Witney Town BC to play City and County of Bristol on Tuesday 7th August.

With one rink unable to complete the match, the remaining rinks stuck to the task and won on four rinks. The losing rink was the notorious rink 3 , perhaps Bristol were not aware of its reputation.

A 50 game badge was awarded to John Stephens of Bloxham BC by Deputy President Mick Morris in the absence of President Dorling through ill health.

Oxfordshire 104 shots, City and County of Bristol 77.

Rink scores
Mike Jones John Stephens John Hurren Ian Whelpton won 27-10.
Bradley Squires Brian Ealey David Wedge Mike Andrew lost 13-22
Vic Webb Roy Radband John McGeough Paul Robbins won 26-18
Ron Slater Barry Willoughby Martin Oliver Mick Morris won 15-14.
Steve Tolhurst jJohn Timms Ken Williams Brian Bloomfield won 23-13.

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