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OBA Singles Semi-Finals Report

The last semi-final was last night played at Banbury Chestnuts Bowling Club between Headington’s Ian Henwood and West Witney’s David Leighfield. A very close match ensued with the score at 5 apiece after 7 ends. The next 6 ends went much better for Leighfield, picking up 11 shots to Henwood’s single, leaving the scoreboard at 16-6 after 13 ends. Henwood then had 2 good ends back to back, picking up 4 shots before Leighfield then picked up his second 4 of the evening, after Henwood played a running bowl that unfortunately took his bowl out of the head. Leighfield then went on to pick up the 1 shot he needed to book his third place in a county final and another place at Leamington.

Huge credit must be given to both Ian Henwood and David Leighfield for the huge achievements that they both have battled for and thoroughly deserved this season. Well done to both of you.

A big thank you to Banbury Central’s Will Campion, who provided excellent marking services throughout the game.

Once more, thank you to all the spectators who came to Chestnuts to support the two players.

Finally, a huge thank you to Banbury Chestnuts for providing yet another excellent evening.

The OBA finals will be played at West Witney Bowls Club on Sunday 22nd July.

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