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OBA Senior Fours Finals Report

Senior fours winners 2018

Burford Town Bowling Club was again this year’s venue for the semi-finals and final of the Senior Fours competition. Teams from Headington, Carterton and Banbury Borough were in attendance to try and claim the title.

The first semi-final was between Last year’s winners, from Carterton, Tim Jupp, Gordon Walker, Steve Aldren and Paul Sharman up against last year’s runners up, from Headington, Mick Nash, Russell Edwards, Colin Whitehead and Ray Gaskins. The Toon rink got off to a great start going 12 shots to 1 up after 9 ends. The next 5 ends saw 5 shots go to both sides, to take the scoreboard to 17-6. No-one could score more than 3 shots on an end the whole way through the game which showed how close the heads were. With 4 ends to play Headington required 9 shots, and the 18th end see them pick up a 3. This comeback fight was quickly stopped, however, by the Toon rink, picking up 4 shots in the next 2 ends. Carterton progressed to the final 22-12 victors.

The second semi-final was between Headington’s Bernie May, Dennis Crook, Paul Comley and Howard Watts against Banbury Borough’s Keith Holloway, George Moon, John Brooks and Calvin Carpenter. The game was very close for the first half of the game with the board at 12-11 to Headington at 11 ends. A 4-shot pickup then went to the Headington boys on the 12th end before the Borough rink replied straight with the same pickup. 5 shots to Headington to Borough’s 2 over the next 4 ends see a scoreboard at 21-17 in Headington’s favour. Headington then went on to pick up 6 shots over the next to ends to book their place in the final, 27-17 victors.

After an excellent ploughman’s lunch was enjoyed by all, the final begun, in divine sunshine.

Tim Jupp, Gordon Walker, Steve Aldren and Paul Sharman lined up against Bernie May, Dennis Crook, Paul Comley and Howard Watts. The first 6 ends were incredibly tight with the board at 7-3 in Toon’s favour. Watts then had a great end to pick up 6 shots on the 7th to take the lead 9-7. The next 4 ends were nip and tuck before it was Sharman’s turn to pick up a count, a 6 was scored on the 12th. The 13th end saw an off-centre jack which caused the umpire to utilize the string measure to check if a bowl was still in play for 4 shots, it was and these went Headington’s way for them to regain the lead, 16-15. 1 shot scores were only taken throughout the rest of the game. 5 to 2 went in Carterton’s favour to see them 19-18 up after 19 ends. The 20th end see the Headington rink pick up 1 to force a one end shootout with no extra end. The shot was held by Headington’s Paul Comley before Steve Aldren bettered it. Watts then was fractionally over the line required to bring him back to the jack on two good efforts. Aldren’s bowl held for the end and see the Toon rink retain the Bradshaw Cup, winning the final of the senior fours, 20-19.

A big thank you to Burford Town Bowling Club for providing an excellent day, the ploughman’s was amazing and the setting was beautiful, especially the wonderful flowers around the grounds! Thank you to Jack Lafford, John Hurren, Ann Fleming and everybody else at Burford who helped put on such a good day.

Thank you also to the spectators who came and watched a very high standard of bowling all day in the heat.

My closing comment for the competition for this year is please get a rink together in your clubs and enter the competition next year, it is a fantastic competition and I really am hoping to see the entry numbers continue to grow!

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