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Oxon beat Berks in Middleton Cup final group game

Oxfordshire played their final Middleton Cup group match At Suttons BC Reading on Saturday 8th July.

The mid-morning start time did not seen to suit Oxfordshire and they trailed by 13 shots after 5 ends and 27 after 10 ends. With Mark Charlett’s rink finding form, the gap was reduces to 7 by the 15th end. In front by the 18th. Three rinks were in front at the end and Oxfordshire won by 8 shots.

20 game badges were awarded to the Watlington pair of Sam Watts and Shane Cooper. Middleton Cup flashes were awarded to Ade Kemish and Alan Carter.

Oxfordshire 131 shots 16 points Berkshire 123 shots 6 points

Adrian Kemish Paul Comley David Leighfield Ian Snowdon won 20-18
Alan Carter Paul Mabbutt Kevin Alder Baden Sparkes Lost 21-22
Mick Nash Paul Robbins Ian Henwood Nick Rae-Welsh won 27-16
Bradley Squires Steve Aldren Nathan Lewis Paul Sharman lost 18-27
Steve Witcombe Will Campion Shane Cooper Jason King won 25-16
Sam Watts Chris Weller Paul Skidmore Mark Charlett lost 20-24

The final table for this year saw Kent pip Berkshire for the top spot Oxfordshire finished in third place.

Kent 64 points
Berkshire 63
Oxfordshire 48
Surrey 37
Sussex 8

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