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Oxon draw with Surrey in Middleton cup

All Square at the end.

Oxfordshire played their third game of the 2018 Middleton Cup campaign with a home match against Surrey on Saturday 22rd June at Oxford City and County BC. The game swung one way and then the other with Oxfordshire again preferring the southern rinks, particularly the rink of Mark Charlett, who stormed to a 13 shot lead after 10 ends.

With comfortable wins on rinks 1 and 2 for Charlett and Gaskins, the battle on rink 3 was always the closest with Baden Sparkes finally losing by a single shot. Rinks 4 and 5 went Surrey’s way and the overall result depended on the last end on rink 6. With Oxfordshire trailing by one shot and Surrey holding it was left to Nick Rae-Welsh to Trail the jack for a one shot and to tie the match at 121 shots.

The final Saturday of the competition, July 7th, sees Oxfordshire travelling to Berkshire and Suttons BC for a 2pm start.

Oxfordshire 121 shots 93 points, Surrey 121 shots 13 points.

Sam Watts Paul Skidmore Jason King Mark Charlett won 33-14.
Steve Witcombe Will Campion Shane Cooper Ray Gaskins won 22-16.
Alan Carter Kevin Alder Gary May Baden Sparkes lost 21-23.
Ade Kemish David Leighfield A J Docherty Ian Snowdon lost 19-26.
Jim Bland Steve Aldren Nathan Lewis Paul Sharman lost 14-22.
Bradley Squires Paul Comley Ian Henwood Nick Rae-Welsh lost 11-20.

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