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Oxon men best Glous in Middleton cup trial game

Oxfordshire Bowling Association played their second Middleton Cup trial with a visit to Cheltenham BC to play Gloucestershire on Saturday 19th May. The Oxfordshire team completed the second trial with a narrow 5 shot win, 116 shots to 101.

With the rinks shared 3 each, the overall result was largely determined by Shane Cooper’s rink who recovered from 8 shots after 13 ends to take the last shots to win by 8.Paul Sharman and Mark Charlett skipped the other 2 winning rinks.

Oxfordshire 116, Gloucestershire 111.

Sam Watts Paul Skidmore Gary May Mark Charlett won 19-16.
Alan Carter Chris Weller Nathan Lewis Baden Sparkes lost 14-19.
Ade Kernish Paul Robbins David Leighfield A J Docherty lost 15-19.
Lee Young Will Campion Kevin Alder Shane Cooper won 24-16
Bradley Squires Paul Comley Andy McIntyre Nick Rae-Welsh lost 25 -26
Steve Witcombe Harvey Alder Steve Aldren Paul Sharman won 19-15

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