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Past presidents lose to Herts in final game

The good thing about losing is……

Whether you win use or draw, at least we all have the same after match meal.

Unfortunately for the Past Presidents, playing their last game of the season, at Thame BC against Hertfordshire, the after match meal was the highlight of the afternoon and it was a meal well worth waiting for. One again the Thame club proved to be excellent hosts.

The game itself went to Hertfordshire 116-83 as Oxfordshire took the hospitality bit a little too far losing on four of the five rinks.
Out on the famed rink 6 with the swinging ditch hand, Alan Ley’s rink trailed 3-15 after twelve ends but then collected ten shots over the next three ends to bring themselves back into the game and although the last six ends were shared, they just missed out by one shot.

Chairman Mike Andrew and his merry men were even more generous, waiting until the twelfth end before recording a score to leave them only seventeen shots beind their opponents. A flurry of shots between the sixteenth and nineteenth ends made the scoreline look a little more respectable but they have given the Herts lads too good a start.
Melvin Brain’s foursome were only three shots adrift at fourteen but only managed to score on one more end as they ran out 14-29 losers. Whoever kept the scorecard on this rink had a very creative scoring technique.

John McGeough’s card keeper also tried a new method of staying close to their opponents by actually detracting shots scored by the opposition on the last two ends of their game.
Sorry boy’s, it was noticed and you lost by 9.

Oxfordshire’s only ray of sunshine was provided by Ian Whelpton’s four in their seesaw match. Having dropped seven shots on the first two ends they took the next five to lead by 5, only to then lose the next four to go 3 down. The following four ends put them back in the lead by four shots only for the Herts rink to collect the next two. Thankfully the last three ends went in Oxfordshire favour resulting in a 24-18 win.

Rink results:
David Varney, Martin Oliver, Ken williams & Ian Whelpton 24-18.
Francis Benham, John Timms, Alex Fleming & John McGeough 17-26.
Steve Tolhurst, David Bullock, Allan Hall & Mike Andrew 11-25
Mel Cameron, Tony Backer-Holst, Michael Morris & Melvin Brain 14-29
Ron Slater, Larry Eltringham, Gordon Hooker & Alan Ley 17-18

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