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Oxon men beaten by Worcs in final away friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Hewell BC on Tuesday 11th September to play their final away friendly of the 2017 season against Worcestershire Once more losing 4 rinks, this time the winning margins on the 2 winning rinks were insufficient to cover the losses on the other 4. Struggling to score shots throughout the afternoon, Alan Ley’s rink picked up a single on the last end to not only win their rink by a single shot but to raise the counties total to 100. With Worcestershire scoring 121 the overall result was clear cut, thoughts turn to the last game of the season next week at Thame and the 2018 season.

Oxfordshire 100 Worcestershire 121

Allan Smith John Timms Allan Hall Ken Williams lost 15-25.
Barry Willoughby Colin Haley Paul Demczak Richard Barnett lost 11-14
Chris Lewis Bill Jarvie Terry Gripe Ian Whelpton lost 17-27
Steve Tolhurst John Stephens Mike Jones Alan Ley won 16-15
Mel Cameron Eddie Dorling Alan Wase Melvin Brain lost 17-21.
Ron Slater Douglas Wright Alex Fleming John McGeough won 24-19.

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