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13. Lucky for some – Oxon men beat Berks

13 was a lucky number for OBA President Bill Jarvie when he led his team to a 122-109 victory against local neighbours, The Royal County of Berkshire, in today’s friendly fixture at the Caversham Bowls Club.
At the half way mark the rinks were shared three apiece with the OBA fourteen shots ahead at 59-45. The mark had been set and the winning and losing rinks stayed the same through to the end of the match. At fifteen ends the gap had closed to nine, 84-75 in Oxfordshire’s favour, but three ends later it looked as if the hosts had got their act together as they moved into a three shot lead, 101-98. A strong finish over the remaining ends produced a 24 –8 scoreline for the visitors which was enhanced by a six on the last end played on Alan Ley’s rink.
Mike Jones, Deputy President Eddie Dorling, Allan Hall and skip Richard Barnett will claim no doubt claim the victory was down to their fifteen shot win.

An added sweetener for OBA President Bill Jarvie was the fact that this was the first Friendly County fixture of the season that the Royal County had lost.

Rink results:
Colin Haley, Tery Gripe, Mick Morris, Paul Robbins won 24-18.
Mel Cameron, Allen Smith, John Benfield, Alan Ley won 23-14.
Chris Lewis, Bill Jarvie, Alan Wase, Brian Bloomfield lost 20-22.
John McGeough, John Timms, Ken Williams, Ian Whelpton lost 12-22.
Mike Jones, Eddie Dorling, Allan Hall, Richard Barnett won 29-14.
Ron Slater, David Bullock, David Wedge, Mike Andrew lost 14-19.

The Caversham club and it’s members had been perfect hosts as they brought the day to a close with one of the best aftermatch meals of the season.

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