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Oxon men beat City and County of Bristol in friendly

Oxfordshire travelled to Bristol St Andrews on Tuesday 8th August to play City and county of Bristol.

With a level start on the first 15 ends Oxfordshire reversed their habit of the last few games and finished strongly on the last six ends to win by 18 shots. The award ceremony was an unusual mixture of not so young and the very young with a 200 game badge awarded to OBA Secretary Steve Tolhurst, a 50 game badge to OBA Assistant Match Secretary Alex Fleming and a first game badge to teenager Joe Justin, relieving the anxiety of waiting his GCSE results. All 3 completed a successful day with raffle prizes.

Oxfordshire 128 City and Council of Bristol 110

Chris Lewis Joe Justin Alan Wase Ian Whelpton won 19-15
Mike Jones Eddie Dorling David Wedge John Benfield won 23-13
Paul Demczak Bill Jarvie Alex Fleming Alan Ley won 23-20
Mel Cameron John Stephens Phil Warner Mike Andrew drew 18-18
Roy Radband Kevin Washington Terry Gripe Mick Morris lost 19-27
Steve Tolhurst Ron Slater Allan Hall John McGeough won 26-17

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