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Banbury Central and West Witney qualify for ladies fours

Carole Galletly, Pam Shephard, Helen Young, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) and Maggie Miller, Sue Wilson, Jazz Alder and Karen Alder (West Witney) have qualified for the Bowls England national fours held at Leamington in August.

In the quarter final, Campions four faced Maureen Osbourne’s team from Banbury Borough. The game took a dramatic twist when it the game went to an extra end and the last bowl which Campion managed to draw to take her team through to the semi final. In the semi final, Campion beat Oxford City and County’s four of Carol Gaskins, Donna Knight, Gail Gilkes and Katherine Hawes by 14 shots.

In the other half Alder’s four faced club mates skipped by Barbie Thorne in which they won by a considerable margin. In the semi final, Alder’s team beat Anne Hale, Lisa Williams, Hazel Oliver and Pauline Williams from Hanborough by just 3 shots.

Quarter final

M Osbourne (Banbury Borough) 16, C Campion (Banbury Central) 17; K Hawes (Oxford City & County) 20, J Berry (Oxford City & County) 14; B Thorne (West Witney) 14, K Alder (West Witney) 30; P Williams (Hanborough) 31, Sandra Wase (Banbury Borough) 5.

Semi Final
C Campion 26, K Hawes 12; K Alder 21, P Williams 18.

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