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HCL loss for Oxon Men against Berks

Oxfordshire played Berkshire at Three Mile Cross on 27th May in the first match of the 2017 Home Counties League campaign. With a fairly even start across the green Berkshire lead by 4 shots overall after 10 end. The gap widened in the second half as the pressure on Oxfordshire was appled and by the end Berkshire had won by 43 shots.

Paul Comley’s rink were level after 13 ends but won only one more end to lose by 9. Next door Melvin Brain’s rink were level after 10 ends but a dropped 6 on the seventeenth end contributed to a 14 shot deficit.

Chris Weller with newcomer Paul Robbins at 3 were in contention throughout and level after 19 ends. A 5 on end 20 and a double on the last end saw Oxfordshire home by 7 shots.

The under 25 rink skipped by Shane Cooper showed their seniors on the other rinks just how steady their game is and were level going into the last end and their final wood of the last end failed by inches to make shot and they lost by 1.

Alan leys four got off to a strong start and were ahead by 5 after 13 ends . The next 7 ends saw Berkshire pick up 15 shots and left Alan and co with too much to do on the final end and they went down by 8.

Kevin Alder was always second favourite against England international Andrew Knapper but all four Oxfordshire bowlers held their nerves and won 7 ends to lose by 14.

Oxfordshire 89 and 2 points Berkshire 132 and 20 points.

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