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Oxon men beat Beds in friendly

Oxfordshire were on the road for the first on the away friendlies on Tuesday 23rd May, travelling to Lanslade BC to play Bedfordshire. Confortable wins for the rinks of Alan Ley and Chris Weller with support from those of Brain Bloomfield and Mike Andrew saw Oxfordshire home to an emphatic win.

Oxfordshire 124 Bedfordshire 89.

Martin Oliver Colin Haley Alan Wase Brain Bloomfield won21-14.
Steve Tolhurst Roy Radband Ken Williams Melvin Brain lost 14-20
Paul Demczak Bill Jarvie Jim Lucas Alan Ley won 31-10
Tony Backer-Holst John Timms Allan Hall Ian Whelpton lost 14-17
Andrew French Douglas Wright Mick Morris Mike Andrew won 17-14
Chris Lewis Brian Ealey David Bullock Chris Weeler won 27-14

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