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Thame win county top club

The County Top Club Final between Banbury Central BC and Thame BC took place on Sunday 28th August 2016 at Banbury Chestnuts BC.

Thame BC Ladies just kept in front to the end of a thrilling final by just 3 shots, with equal points each with a win on 2 rinks.

Final scores (Thame 71, Banbury Central 68)

Singles: Caroline Walker 21, Pam Shepherd 11
Pairs: M Duncan/D Penn 13, E Jones/M Cox 22
Triples: J Brooks/S Foster/B Waters 17, J Williams/G Sharpe/A Gilkes 18
Fours: S Heafy/C Liddle/M Giles/M Plested 20, M Sykes/J Williams/J Bone/A Norton 17

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