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Oxon men beat Bucks in friendly

Oxfordshire played Buckinghamshire at Iver Heath BC on Tuesday August 15th.

Unusually the 2 Presidents were allocated to rink1 and the decision looked to be going in Buckingham’s favour but a strong finish by The Oxon quartet swung the match in their favour.

Rink 2 was much more comfortable for Oxon and big scores at the end saw them comfortably home.
The result on rink 3 was determined by end 15and 16 with Mick Morris and his team picking up a 5 and a 6 to counteract the 6 dropped on end 8.

Dropping a six also determined the outcome on Rink 4 but this time the advantage went to Bucks.
Rink 5 saw the scores level after7 ends but wins for Ian Whelpton’s four on 3 of the last 4 ends saw the home by 7 shots.

Brain Bloomfield and co were behind from the beginning but struggled to double figures to lose by 13.
A colts badge was awarded to Carterton’s George Strachan.

Oxfordshire 118 Buckinghamshire 109.

Rink scores:
C Lewis G Strachan J Lucas P Latter won 19-16.
M Cameron T Backer-Holst T Gripe A Ley won 27-13.
A Hunt G Weedon K Williams M Morris won 26-21.
B Willoughby J Timms P Demczak M Andrew lost 13-20.
R Slater M Jones D Bullock I Whelpton won 21-14
S Tolhurst C Haley J McGeough B Bloomfield lost 12-25

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