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Ladies county finals

After a cloudy start to the day, the sun appeared to make for a lovely summers day for the ladies county finals 2016. First onto the green were the singles, 2 Wood singles and triples.

County singles winner 2016

In the singles, Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) faced team mate Donna Knight (Oxford City & County). Hawes raced to a 11 – 0 lead but a change of jack length saw Knight pick up 8 shots over the following 4 ends. Hawes stopped the come back with a 4. The following 6 ends saw an exchange of scoring. With the score at 18 – 14 Hawes drew the jack through to score 3 and take the singles title.

County 2 wood singles winner 2016

The two wood singles was also a tale of a comeback but this time Myra Lewis (Oxford City & County) was successful against Jeantte Berry (Oxford City & County). Berry raced to an 11 – 5 lead at 11 ends. A change of jack length for Lewis saw her pick up 4 shots over the next 3 ends to pull the score back to 11 – 9 at 14 ends. Berry only scored 2 more shots as opposed to Lewis’ 6 which gave Lewis the victory.

County ladies triples winners 2016

In the triples final, it was the battle of the Banbury clubs – Central v Borough. Pam Shepherd, Carole Galletly and Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) faced Margaret Morris, Maureen Osbourne and Angie Ives (Banbury Borough). The game was very low scoring and very close throughout. The last end saw Campion’s triple 3 shots up but Ives could not convert the head walking away with only 2 shots to crown the Banbury Central triple the county champions.

County ladies pairs winners 2016

In the afternoon game, Shepherd teamed up with Annie Gilkes to play against Galletly and Campion in the pairs. After 9 ends the game saw Gilkes and Shepherd trailing 4 – 7. A 6 count to Galletly and Campion and a further 3 shots saw the pair propelled into a good 16 – 4 lead. Gilkes and Shepherd replied with a 2 but Galletly and Campion went on a scoring rampage again to take a 25 – 6 lead at 15 ends. It looked all over at this point but Gilkes and Shepherd were not finished and pulled the score back to 17 – 25 but they ran out of ends making Galletly and Campion county pairs champion for the second year in a row.

County fours winners 2016

Morris, Osbourne and Ives added Carole Walker to their team to play Karen Galloway, Margaret Stacey, Carol Gaskins and Carol Penson (Oxford City & County) in the fours. The game was fairly one sided most of the way through. The Banbury Borough four looked always in control taking the game 21 – 11 after 18 ends.


Katherine Hawes 21, Donna Knight 14.

2 Wood singles
Jeannete Berry 13, Myra Lewis 15

Carole Galletly & Caroline Campion 26, Pam Shepherd & Annie Gilkes 17.

Margaret Morris, Maureen Osbourne, Angela Ives 13, Pam Shepherd, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion 14.

Margaret Morris, Caole Walker, Maureen Osbourne, Angela Ives 21, Karen Galloway, Margaret Stacey, Carol Gaskins, Carol Penson 11.

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