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Oxon men have mixed fortunes in friendly games

With Oxfordshire on the road twice this week the scores in the game were similar but the results totally different.

Tuesday July 26th saw Oxfordshire play Wilshire at Wroughton BC, won on 3 rinks,lost on 2 and a draw on 1 and won the match by 8 shots. Wiltshire gained an early lead which lasted until the 15th end. Then the Deputy President’s rink decided enough was enough and picked up a hot shot to take the lead for the first time. This motivated the next door rink skipped by the President who picked up a 4 and a 5 to also take the lead. Both rinks claimed that these shots won mere the difference in the 8 shot overall win.

Oxfordshire 120 Wiltshire 112.

Rink scores:

C Thame J Hurley M Morris A Hall lost 14-21.
A Hunt P Strange J McGough B Bloomfield won 22-17.
S Tolhurst N Satchell R Bull J Lucas lost 15-22.
M Cameron M Oliver T Jupp P Latter drew 26-26.
B Jarvie J Hicks D Bullock M Petersen won 20-14.
D Latter C Haley K Williams R Barnett won 23-12.

Wednesday 27 th the venue was Three Mile Cross BC Berkshire to play Isle of Wight. Won on 4 rinks and lost on 2 but lost the match by 3 shots. The earlier start did not affect the majority of the Oxfordshire players with only the rinks skipped by the Banbury Central past Presidents struggling for supremacy. Unfortunately the other 4 rinks could not cover their deficits and Oxfordshire lost by 3 shots.

Oxfordshire 118 Isle of Wight 121

Rink scores:

S Tolhurst A Fleming J Benfield I Whelpton lost 13-26.
D Latter N Satchell J McGeough J Lucas won 26-21.
A Carter B Ealey B Bloomfield P Latter won 20-17.
P Demczak B Jarvie A Hall G Hooker won 22-11.
M Cameron G Weedon D Bullock M Andrew lost 15-26.
B Willoughby J Stephens T Gripe M Morris won 22-20.

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