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Wendy Sandy wins ladies unbadged singles

Gwen Steel Unbadged Singles Winner 2015

The Gwen Steele Unbadged Singles was contested by 11 players, played at City and County on Saturday 22 August 2015.

It was very good bowling in rather hot conditions with Wendy Sandy of Carterton, last year’s runner up, taking the winner’s trophy after a close fought final against Sue Stewart of South Oxford.

Quarter finals:
Janet Fountain (Banbury Borough) 12, Eloise Jones (Banbury Central) 14;
Wendy Sandy (Carterton) 14, Josie Gilbert (Oxford City and County) 1;
Sue Stewart (South Oxford) 11, Karen Galloway (Oxford City and County) 7;
Lettie Batten (South) 3, Wendy Buss (Shiplake) 16.

Semi finals:
Eloise Jones 10, Wendy Sandy 11;
Sue Stewart 16, Wendy Buss 9.

Wendy Sandy 16, Sue Stewart 12.

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