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HCL: They shoot horses don’t they?

Two horses caused chaos on the M25 on Saturday, late morning, as they broke looses after their horse box crashed.
Many of the Oxfordshire lads travelling to Popes Mead game against Sussex in the HCL league got caught up in the chaos.
Even with the hold up, very one managed to get to their destination by 2.00pm and the start was only delayed by about 15 minutes.
By comparison, a journey that had taken 3.5 hours going too just over 1.5 hours coming back.

The first five ends across the board saw the County 27-35 behind and no doubt getting all the hassle out of their system.
At 10 ends the scoreline had swung round with Oxfordshire 59-53 in front. At 15 ends the 6 shot lead had been maintained, then disaster for Oxfordshire over the next 3 ends saw Sussex move into a 10 shot lead, 102-92.
With the last three ends going 15-12 in the home teams favour, the horse had already bolted and it was too late to shut the stable door. 117-104 and 18pts –4 in Sussex’ favour.

Individual rink scores were:
Brian Bloomfield, Trevor Beaumont, Richard Barnett, Mark Charlett 26-13
Henry Beall. George Weedon, Chris Weller, Mike Petersen 16-21
Paul Lopez, Richard Jackson, Remy Clanfield, Alan Ley 16-19
Richard Green, David Wedge, Paul Comley, Ian Whelpton 14-34
Mel Cameron, Chris Cox, Paul Skidmore, Kevin Alder 18-14
Steve Tolhurst, Terry Gripe, Steve Jones, Melvin Brain 14-16

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