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U25’s: 2nd place in home counties

Congratulations to the Under 25’s who finished second in the Home Counties Under 25’s League.
With Middlesex withdrawing from their last three games, the league came to a close after last Sunday’s game between victorious Oxfordshire side against Kent at Kidlington.
Surrey won the title with 43 points and we came second on 39.
Victory to Surrey by one shot in their home game against Oxfordshire gave them the winning league margin of 4 points. As following games panned out, if the one shot had gone to Oxfordshire, then the top two positions would have been reversed.
The Under 25’s have had a good season and are still in the chase for the National White Rose trophy in which they play their semi-final against Devon at Leamington starting at 9.30am on Sunday 30th August.
Forget the August Bank Holiday, one of those comes round every year. The White Rose is something special. Go and give the youngsters your support. We hear enough bowlers saying we should encourage young bowlers, now you have your chance. Make an effort.

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