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VP’s back to their winning ways

After last weeks loss against South Warwickshire BA in a game cut short by bad weather, the VP’s having a very depleted team due to a wide variety of reasons plus having to borrow a club rink, they returned to their winning ways on Sunday, with a 113 – 87 scoreline against Swindon and District B.A. at Wroughton BC.

Paul McGrath, Bill Allin, Mike Collison and skip Chris Cox led the way with a 32-15 win with the County’s other two wins provided by John Dunne, John Stephens, Alan Peters and Ian Whelpton 27-13 and Trevor Mold, David Wotherspoon, Melvin Brain and Chairman John O’Shea 22-15.

Charles Blackmore, Eddie Dorling, Alan Rowe and Mike Andrew won four of their last five ends, but just missed out with a 19-20 scoreline. A run of 6 losing ends at the start of the second half of the game was the difference in the 13-24 defeat for Bill Pointer, John Franks, Frank Savari and Stan Ponting.

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