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Oxon ladies secure a 6 shot victory over Berks to qualify for regional finals

Walker Cup 2013

Oxfordshire Ladies beat Berkshire by 6 shots today in the Walker Cup (national double rink competition) played at Banbury Chestnuts.

Ann Spearman, Carol Morgan, Donna Knight and Caroline Campion raced to a 16 – 4 head start at 10 ends over Berkshire’s Lilian Holliday while Annie Gilkes, Hazel Woodward, Jeanette Berry and Katherine Hawes were struggling to settle against Jane Porter and trailed 15 – 5. The game remained close with Berkshire closing the gap on Campion’s rink at 15 ends to just 7 shots with Hawes’ rink remaining steady to keep the score against them to 8 shots. Hawes’ rink finished first losing by just 8 shots and Campion’s rink had 2 ends to play being 3 up on the game. They held their nerve to pick up a single and a double to secure a victory for Oxfordshire.

The regional finals will be played on Sunday 14th July at Suttons BC, Surrey.

Oxfordshire 46 – Berkshire 40.

Oxon Skips First:
C Campion 28 – L Holliday 14
K Hawes 18 – J Porter 26

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