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Vice president’s impressive run of wins

The Vice President’s team found the Brackley & District green to their liking last Sunday when they turned the Northamptonshire Vice Presidents over on all five rinks.

After ten ends across the rinks the Oxfordshire ‘lads’ were only up on one rink with two others all square and a scoreline of 42-39 in Oxfordshire’s favour.

The improving weather in the second half of the match saw the sun shine on the Oxfordshire rinks, who took 36 of the remaining 55 ends to add another success to their impressive first half of this season, ending the game 118-72 winners.

Rink scores:
Trevor Mold, Alex Fleming, Eddie Dorling, Melvin Brain 28-17.
John Dunne, Ron Havard, John Timms, Mike Andrew 20-14.
Barry Osborne, Bill Allin, David Allin, John O’Shea 25-16.
Charles Blackmore, John Franks, Alan Peters, Chris Cox 23-14.
Alan Rowe, Mike Enright, John McGeough, Ian Whelpton 22-11

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