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May 10th, 2019:

Mixed results for county ladies

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies kicked of the season with their first two county games against Leicestershire and Worcestershire.

The first game was against Leicestershire on a bitterly cold day at Kingscroft BC on Friday 3rd May in the Middle England League (MEL). Unfortunately only 2 rinks skipped by Jeanette Berry and Caroline Campion managed a result but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

BOL 93, 4 pts; Leicestershire 137, 13 points.

Wendy Cross 16, S Sharpe 26
Jeanette Berry 25, K Rothero 16
Brenda Havard 14, P Sutton 25
Caroline Campion 16, L Green 12
Sylvia Blackmore 8, C Dixon 31
Carol Penson 14, D Huest 27

In the second game Bowls Oxforshire Ladies managed a narrow victory over Worcestershire. The game was played at Pershore in the picturesque grounds of the Abbey, with the bells ringing out loud and clear for simply ages, making sign language a priority, on 9th May.

BOL 88 shots, Worcs 85.
Jeanette Berry 7, S Davies 26
Wendy Cross 13, A Cartwright 19
Caroline Bloomfield 18, J Parfaitt 5
Carol Gaskins 13, D Jackson 9
Carol Penson 7, J Drewer 19
Caroline Campion 30, V Hall 7