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July 4th, 2018:

OBA Triples Quarter Finals Report

Well the sun shined once more for another evening of decent bowling at Carterton Bowls club last night.

The first game saw Kidlington’s Alan Rowe, Steve Gibson and Mike Petersen against West Witney’s Andy McIntyre, David Leighfield and Kevin Alder. A good standard of bowls was played throughout and the game never had more than 5 shots in it. After 10 ends it was 10-5 in Witney’s favour before 2 good ends from Petersen’s men, including picking up a 5 shot count, see them take the lead for the first time in the game, 11-10. Going into the last end Kidlington required 2 shots to force an extra end which of course they did. Extra end number 3 of the week commenced. Kidlington were holding when the skips went to bowl before Petersen moved the jack which unfortunately for him went to Witney’s bowls behind the jack. Petersen could not redeem the shot and Alder’s men progressed through t next Sunday’s semi-final 16-15 victors. David Leighfield still remains in all four competitions.

The next game saw a Headington triple consisting of Jon Philpott, Nathan Lewis and Howard Watts against Carterton’s Joe Justin, Bob Turley and Paul Justin. The game was close all the way through which didn’t see any more than a 3 shot pick up scored right the way through to the 12th end, where Headington picked up a 4 to take the lead for the first time in the game, 12-11. 3 singles followed before Justin’s men replied with 3 shots in the penultimate ends, going into the last end 15-14 down. When the skips went to bowl, Headington were holding but Paul Justin replaced their shot bowl with his last to be lying 2 shots. Watts, with his last bowl had a big decision to make, draw the shot or drive at the head, he chose to draw the shot and with almost inch perfection, drew shot to give the Headington triple the win, 16-14. Im sure Howard is more than pleased with both his shot selection and conviction to win the game for him and his comrades.

The next game was another Carterton triple, this time Orren Bennett, Tim Warner and Gordon Walker and they were up against Andrew Auger, Colin Oliver and Chris Weller from Witney Mills. Weller’s men got off to a great sprint start, going 14-0 up after just 6 ends. This kicked the Toon boys into life and they bounced back with a fantastic comeback, winning the next 8 ends without reply, scoring 22 shots. Gordon Walker was bowling every single one of the shots being called by his teammates flawlessly and was a fantastic spectacle to watch. Weller’s triple got a single on the 16th to give them a glimmer of hope but this was squashed by Walker’s men picking up 1 on the 17th end which meant the Mills needed an 8 to force an extra end. They could only manage 2 shots so the Carterton men progressed as 23-17 winners.

The final game of the evening saw an all Headington affair between Colin Whitehead, Ray Gaskins and Nick Rae-Welsh against Ian Henwood, Jason King and Mark Charlett. Rae-Welsh’s team started well, going 8 shots to nil up after 6 ends before Charlett’s men had 4 ends reply scoring 6 shots. The following 3 ends saw Rae-Welsh’s triple pick up 6 shots to take the score to 14-6 at 13 ends in their favour. Charlett’s triple then began the comeback and of which won the next 4 ends scoring 11 shots with no reply, leaving the score board 17-14 at 17 ends in Charlett’s favour. The last end saw a tense battle of which Rae-Welsh’s men were holding when the skips went to bowl. Charlett managed to draw shot just behind the jack and Rae-welsh could not better the head for his team to score the 3 that they needed. Charlett’s triple were the last to book their place at next Sunday’s semi-final winning 18-14. Ian Henwood still remains in all four competitions.

Let us see if Ian and Dave can both do the business for the rest of the week and qualify to the semi-finals in all four competitions.

A massive thank you to everyone at Carterton who helped run such a successful evening, credit going especially to Gill and Duncan Muir for keeping the competitors and spectators fed with a beautiful burger and chip supper and to Wendy Sandy for running the bar for the evening.

Another big thank you to all of those who made the journey to come and watch the bowls, particularly as the football was on, which thankfully went in our favour, for once!!

The Quarter final fun bus travels back into Oxford tonight for yet another splendid evening of weather booked for us by the river at South Oxford Bowls Club.