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July 3rd, 2018:

Oxon ladies beat Bucks in friendly

A very hot Monday afternoon in a quiet, charming setting with lovely gardens at Woburn Sands BC opened just four years ago.

A win for BOL with 128 shots against Buckinghamshire’s 92.

Carol Penson 16, L Throup 21
Jeanette Berry 19, C Clark 16
Carole Thornhill 19, L Hewins 20
Wendy Cross 21, T Keen 13
Caroline Bloomfield 25, I Skerry 14
Daphne Jacob 28, B Brown 8

OBA Pairs Quarter Finals Report

Well what an evening of high quality bowls in the blissful sunshine as the quarter final fun bus made its first stop to Headington Bowls Club last night.

The first game saw Headington’s Bernie May and Ian Snowdon take on West Witney’s Andy McIntyre and David Leighfield. After a shaky start from the Witney boys going 5-2 down at 4 ends they then battled incredibly well and won the following 8 ends to turn the lead in their favour, 16-5. Snowdon’s comeback was short lived as he could pick up 2 shots on the 13th end before Leighfield scored 11 shots in the following 3 ends to book themselves a place at Banbury Chestnuts next week. David Leighfield is one of two competitors still left in all the big four competitions.

The next game saw an all Headington battle between Jon Philpott and Howard Watts against Paul Comley and Gary May. This was a high scoring but close game all the way through. After 7 ends it was 10 shots apiece and at 14 ends 17 shots each. The 19th end saw the game tie again at 20 shots each after May managed to pick up shot. A single from Watts on the penultimate end saw them 21-20 in front playing the last. The final end saw Philpott and Comley battling hard for the shot which went in Philpott’s favour. Watts played good covering bowls to tidy up and protect the shot they held. With May’s last bowl he played a runner to try and get a reaction with the shot bowl but narrowly missed the target by fractions. Philpott and Watts were the second pair to progress, 22-20 victors.

The other all Headington affair was between John Nicolls and Jason King against Colin Whitehead and Nathan Lewis. King’s pair kept the lead they had built all the way through the game up to the 16th end when the score went 14-13 in Lewis’ favour. On the last end Lewis’ pair were holding game with 2 shots before King drew second bowl with his last. Extra End number 1 of the week, the shot chopped and changed with a large variety of shots being played to try and tactically win the end. King was holding with his penultimate bowl which was quickly moved by Lewis onto the jack which behind was his team mate’s happy collector, King then fired and missed the one bowl target by margins. Colin and Nathan also progressed to the Semi-finals.

The final game of the evening was that of West Witney’s Joe Woodward and Kevin Alder up against Headington’s Ian Henwood and Mark Charlett. Early on, the game didn’t seem to be able to decide a leader, with the score tied 11 each at 11 ends. Charlett won 4 of the following 6 ends to take a 17-14 lead before Alder picked up 6 shots over the next 3 ends to go 20-17 up at 20 ends. 3 was required from Charlett’s pair to force and extra end and they did just that. Extra end number 2 of the evening saw West Witney holding game with Woodward’s back toucher, Charlett’s last bowl was a drive that successfully killed the end, therefore extra end number 3, this started at 21:55!! After the leads had bowled the Witney pair were holding and Alder added another before Charlett played a successful running bowl to remove these both from the head. Alder added again before Charlett played another weighted bowl, this time hitting his teammates bowl into the head for shot. Alder with his last had a chance to draw it but narrowly missed out on his line. Henwood and Charlett were the last pair to book their place at next Sunday’s semi-finals. Ian Henwood is the second competitor to be left in all 4 of the competitions.

Thank you to Headington Bowls Club for hosting such a wonderful evening and cooking some fantastic hot dogs and bacon rolls. A big thank you also to all the spectators that came and watched and I sincerely hope we can grow on the amount of supporter numbers during the week, especially as the weather is so wonderful!

The next stop for the quarter final bus is over to Carterton for the triples and yes the England Game will be on!

Wednesday the bus heads back into oxford to the fours quarter finals which will be hosted at South Oxford. The bus is on stand down Thursday so men’s league can continue before the last quarter final on Friday is the singles which shall be hosted at Kidlington.”