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July, 2018:

OBA domestic semi finals and finals program

OBA domestic semi finals and finals program, all games to be played at Chipping Norton in club shirt and whites.

Wednesday 1st August 14:30 – Longford Cup semi final:
Nigel Galletly (Banbury Central) VS Brian Bloomfield (Witney Town)

Friday 3rd August 18:15 – Officers cup semi finals:

Brian Bloomfield (Witney Town) VS David Leighfield (West Witney)
Nigel Galletly (Banbury Central) VS Paul Skidmore (West Witney)

Sunday 5th August 10:00 – Allison cup semi finals:
Nigel Siford (Chipping Norton) VS Vic Depaauw (South Oxford)
Phil Warner (Witney Town) VS Joe Justin (Carterton)

Sunday 5th August 10:00 – Longford cup semi final:
Phil Gladden (Adderbury) VS Brian Smith (Witney Town)

Sunday 5th August TBC – Officers Cup Final

Sunday 5th August 13:45 – Allison Cup Final

Sunday 5th August 13:45 – Longford Cup Final

Food will be available all day on Sunday for spectators and competitors, to be ordered upon arrival.

Oxon beat Sussex in HCL

With a much changed team Oxfordshire returned home, this time to Kidlington BC, to play Sussex in a Home Counties League match on Saturday 28th July. Establishing an early lead Oxfordshire were always in complete control and finished 64 shots in front.

Highlight of the afternoon came late on on rink 5. Trailing by 4 Bradley S Henry B Orren B and David L all drew well to produce a hot shot and a 4 on the final end to win by 8. Next door Paul Sharman’s rink did not need the last ends heroics as they were always in complete control to win by 26. Running them close for the top rink prizes Shane Cooper’s four on rink 3 dropped 6 shots in ends 19 and 20 to reduce their win to 19.

The win lifts Oxfordshire into 5th Place with a game in hand on next Saurday’s opponents, Middlesex, and a gap of only 5 points.

Oxfordshire 154 shots (20 points) Sussex 90 shots (2 points).

Steve Witcombe Alistair Heyes Chris Lewis Baden Sparkes won 27-17
Bernie May Nigel Galetly Brian Clarke Kevin Alder won 21-16
Joe Justin John Hurren Remy Clanfield Shane Cooper won 30-11
Sam watts Trevor Prew Brian Bloomfield AJ Docherty lost 18-22
Bradley Squires Henry Beall Orren Bennett David Leighfield won 25-17
Richard Green Gordon Hooker Andy McIntyre Paul Sharman won 33-7

Ladies county finals – day 1

The ladies county finals were played on Saturday 28th July at City & County, in a sudden turn of the weather with conditions having gone from hot sun in previous weeks to wind and showers.

Ladies fours winners 2018The day kicked off with the ladies fours and under 25 singles. The ladies fours final was between Oxford City and County’s Sue Mayo, Jacky Gray, Carol Penson and Jeanette Berry and Banbury Central’s Carole Galletly, Pam Shepherd, Helen Young and Caroline Campion. The City and county quartet got off to a strong start picking up 5 on the first end and saw them race to a 15 – 4 lead. The weather hampered this tussle somewhat with the fours coming off for a break due to a mini monsoon! Central started their come back picking up a 4 on the 9th end to bring the score to 16 – 8 to City & County. Central battled on and pulled the score within touching distance 18 – 17 but City & County hung in there picking up a 2 and a 4 on the 18th and 20th end leaving Central 6 shots a drift. Central managed to pick up a further 2 shots but it wasn’t enough to prevent City & County becoming county fours champions.

Ladies U25 winner 2018The U25 singles final was between Emma Gilkes of Watlington and Zoe Pratley of Oxford City & County. The girls battled through the weather to finish the game. Gilkes opened the scoring with two singles and a three before Pratley answered by picking up nine shots over the next four ends. The girls traded ends and saw Pratley go 12 – 9 up. Gilkes then surged forward winning the title 21 – 13.

Ladies Triples winners 2018The triples final saw Galletly, Young and Campion play their second game of the day against club mates Mary Tee, Sue Waring and Mo Cox. The game was a one sided affair with Campion’s triple starting strong this time and continuing to apply the pressure. At 7 ends they were 12 – 1 up. Cox’s triple managed to score to increase their score to 4 but Campion’s trio picked up a 5 to increase the gap in score. Cox’s triple managed to to score 8 shots in the end but were no match for Campion’s team who finished with 21 shots.

Unbadged pairs winners 2018The unbadged pairs final saw Jenny Lynch and Ros Burden from South Oxford play Pratley and Josie Gilbert from Oxford City and County. The game started out fairly close with Pratley and Gilbert edging ahead at 7 ends 6 – 3. The South Oxford pair then started to get into their stride picking up two 5’s and a 2 to push right ahead to 15 – 6. A four on the 14th end saw the City & County pair giving themselves a chance at the title taking the score to 12 – 17, with South Oxford scoring 1 more shot and City & County picking up another 2. The South Oxford pair managed to get over the line by scoring 2 more shots with the score finishing 20 – 14.

Day 2 of the county finals was due to feature the singles, 2 wood singles and pairs but unfortunately the green was flooded and deemed unplayable by both the greenkeeper and the players. The finals have now been rearranged for Saturday 4th August starting at 9am for both singles followed by the pairs.

Oxon ladies at Leamington

The schedule for the Oxfordsire ladies at Leamington is listed below.

Please note: Times and Greens as at time of print. Subject to changes on the day.

Bowls England have switched Singles, 2Wood Singles and Pairs, Oxon A to B to avoid clashes in competitions.

Week 1

Under 25 singles
Oxon A Emma Gilkes Sunday 5th August 9.30am on Green B.
Oxon B Zoe Pratley Sunday 5th August 11.30am on Green C.

Senior pairs
Jan Gore/Caroline Bloomfield Sunday 5th August 2pm on Green D.

Oxon A J Berry Mon 6th Aug 2pm on Green B.
Oxon B C Campion Tues 7th Aug 9.30am on Green B.

Champion of champions
Katherine Hawes Wed 8th Aug 10.30am on Green C.

Oxon A K Galloway Thurs 9th Aug 2pm on Green B.
Oxon B C Campion Fri 10th Aug 9.30am on Green A.

Senior singles
Carol Gaskins Sat 11th Aug 9.30am on Green B.

Week 2

Oxon A S Waring Mon 13th Aug 9.30am on Green E.
Oxon B C Campion Sun 12th Aug 2pm on Green C.

2 Wood singles
Oxon A K Hawes Tues 14th Aug 2pm on Green D.
Oxon B C Galletly Tues 14th Aug 3.30pm on Green E.

Oxon A C Campion Thurs 16th Aug 9.30am on Green D.
Oxon B K Hawes Wed 15th Aug 2pm on Green B.

Under 25 pairs
Claire Soden/Jazzmin Alder Sat 18th Aug 1pm on Green E.

Week 3

Senior fours
Margaret Morris/Janet Fountain/Erica Brown/Angela Ives Wed 22nd Aug 9.30am on Green D.

Amy Rose (Under 31s double rink)
Leicestershire v Oxfordshire Sat 1st Sept 11.30am on Green D.

League week 12

From a bowling perspective, I hope that the heat wave continues for a few more weeks, unfortunately my garden thinks otherwise as, I suspect, do many greenkeepers!

As this was, supposed to be, the final round of matches of the season for those in Division 3, it seems appropriate to start there. Leaders Adderbury hosted second place Headington knowing that both were already promoted to Division 2 next season regardless of the outcome. Chris Skidmore provided the home side with the basis of a win with his total domination of his opponents and once Phil Gladden’s rink took a five on the fourteenth end in his game the outcome never looked in doubt. However, Steve Gould pulled much of the deficit back and the result could still have been determined by the last game. This was a real struggle with few ends scoring more than a single shot and, appropriately, Cliff Hall’s rink taking one shot on the final end to tie the game. Honours to Adderbury but I suspect neither team was really bothered!

Banbury Central’s match was a very different proposition. Visitors, City and County, were already relegated but Central needed a big win if they were to have any chance of staying up at Blackbird Leys expense. Big win they achieved, never realistically looking like losing in three games and though trailing by seven shots after nine ends, Keith William’s men took a six on the tenth end and dominated the next five ends to complete the club’s whitewash.

Whilst Central were doing all they could, Blackbird Leys had the chance to guarantee their own survival at Thame. Unfortunately, they were unable to match their opposition on two rinks and only managed to tie a third. Highlight of the match was seven shot end for Alex Fleming’s rink on the sixth end of their match. Unfortunately, it was insufficient as Robin Jenner’s men recovered from the trauma to win the next five ends by nine shots and ensure their own win.

Division 1 could have been all over with two weeks to spare. Headington still look champions in waiting; especially with the second and third place teams playing each other next week; having beaten Banbury Central in a re-arranged fixture on Tuesday and following that with an expected whitewash of already relegated Kidlington. The Central match could have been so different! The home side were without four of their usual players, so they fielded a rink from their B team skipped by the enigma of this season that is Tom McKenna. This week Tom was on his best from and led his rink to a magnificent twelve shot win over Ian Henwood’s men. Whilst Central lost on two rinks their total losses balanced Tom’s win so the final rink, of Will Campion against Jason King, determined the outcome of the match. Will led by two shots at sixteen ends, Jason pulled a shot back on the seventeenth leaving Central holding the match points with one end to play. All or nothing on the last end which went to Headington by two shots, enough to win their game and take the match overall by that single shot! Whew!!

As important was City and County’s do or die game at home to Witney Mills. Having looked relegation certainties until a few weeks ago, City and County have pulled a lot back recently but knew that they need a big win as the only club that could be relegated instead of them were the visitors! On the night, they rose to the occasion winning one three rinks and drawing the fourth. It was an evening where keeping big losses off the cards mattered as City and County failed to win more than half the ends in any match yet still won most of them. Over the four games they took six ends with more than a three shot margin whilst Witney managed only one and these big scoring ends swung the game their way, no more so than Omar Sharif’s rink that, with a one shot lead at twelve ends, lost four of the last six ends but still triumph as the two they won scored nine shots between them.

A big win for Chris Gilkes ensured the match points for Watlington although it could have been more had Andy McIntyre despaired at five shots down with two ends to play in his game against Shane Cooper. His men rallied well to take a four and a three on the last two ends to snatch the game and the draw for West Witney.

In similar fashion to Division 1, Division 2 looked all over a while ago but whilst Carterton are indeed champions and Hanborough are already relegated, the last two important spots are still to play for.

Carterton’s whitewash of Chipping Norton not only cemented their first spot but also provided Shiplake with a chance of survival.

Shiplake were at home to promotion chasing Witney Town knowing that, with just one more match remaining after this, they needed a big win if they were to stay in the division at Chipping Norton’s expense. Big win they got, fielding a very strong side they won comfortably on all rinks, though it required a six on the fourteenth end from Barry Lambourne’s men to achieve their win. They now travel to South Oxford knowing that another win will keep them up.

Chippy still have two games to play, the second at already relegated Hanborough. However, they host Charlbury next week knowing that they must better Shiplake’s result if they are to have a chance of playing in this division next year.

Charlbury played steadily throughout their game at home to Hanborough, outplaying their opponents on all rinks in a match unusual only in that there was nothing of note to comment on!

Division 4 continues its merry, complex season. Playing their penultimate match, Bicester had the chance to guarantee their promotion playing one of two teams who could still overtake them. As it was, they won two rinks, with Phil Bannister’s rink taking a ten shot lead after eight ends and Martin Graves dominating the second half of his game. Chadlington were not to be outdone, winning the other two and, had Carl Smart not dropped a four on the seventeenth end of his game they would have taken the match points as well.

West Oxford needed to better Bicester’s score if they were to remain in the hunt for the title. They achieved this with easy wins on three rinks, unfortunately, Gary Richardson’s rink were unable to press home their advantage at sixteen ends in a close game as Dave Barlow closed out for Oxford University Press’s only win of the night.

The final match of the night saw South Oxford reduce their chance of promotion as they lost to Woodstock. The highlight was Don Portman’s rink coming from eight shots down with three ends to play to snatch an unlikely win by scoring two threes and a four on the final three ends.

Oxon men lost both friendly games last week

Oxfordshire returned to the friendly match cycle with 2 away games on Tuesday and Wednesday against Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

The first of these was against Wiltshire at Swindon West End BC. Defeats on four rinks determined the outcome of the match with Ian Whelpton’s and Ken Williams rinks unable to make up their colleagues deficit and Wiltshire won by 8 shots. A 6-game badge was presented to Witney Town’s Roy Radband.

The following day saw the annual neutral venue of Berkshire’s Three Mile Cross BC as the venue and an early 1pm start. This time the rinks were shared 3 each but Ian and his Wednesday team were unable to repeat the previous day’s success and Oxfordshire again lost by 8 shots, with both sides scoring one more than the previous day.

Match results

Oxfordshire 118 shots, Wiltshire 126 shots.

Mike Jones Eddie Dorling Les Days Paul Robbins lost 26-27.
Allan Hunt John Timms John Benfield Alan Ley lost 22-25.
Barry Willoughby Andrew French Marin Oliver Brian Bloomfield lost 18-19.
Roy Radband Percy Hickman Jim Lucas Alan Wasr lost 12-26.
Paul Demczak Paul Killackey Nick Morris Ian Whelpton won 21-13.
Steve Tolhurst Alan Melville John Hurren Ken Williams won 19-16.

Oxfordshire 119 shots, Isle of Wight 127 shots.

David Byers Percy Strange David Bullock Philip Warner won 26-19.
Barry Willoughby John Timms Mick Morris lost 13-23.
Chris Lewis Eddie Dorling Jim Lucas Alan Ley won 32-24.
Bill Jarvie John McGeough Alex Fleming Gordon Hooker lost 11-22.
Ron Slater Colin Haley John Hurran Alan Wase won 30-16.
Roy Radband Alan Melville Geoff Thompson Ian Whelpton 7 – 23.

OBA Finals Day

This year’s OBA finals day was hosted at county president Eddie Dorling’s club, West Witney, in yet another beautiful summer day!

Stuart RichensThe first game of the day was the county singles between West Witney’s David Leighfield and Carterton’s Stuart Richens. Leighfield got off to a great start scoring 11 shots to Richens’ 2 in the first 8 ends. Richens then began to find his way and fought back well over the next 7 ends to tie the game at 13 shots apiece. Leighfield then scored a double on the 17th end to make him only require 6 shots to claim the title, although Richens had other ideas as his won the next four ends picking up the 8 shots he needed to see over the line 21-15 victor and to reclaim the title, something he last held in 2000! Congratulations Stuart, what a fantastic game of singles to win the title.

Colin WhiteheadThe next game played was the 2 wood singles between Shiplake’s Jim Bland and Headington’s Colin Whitehead. The game got off to a good start with Bland taking the lead 9-4 at the halfway stage. 6 shots to Whitehead against 2 from Bland saw the score line tighten right up at 11-9 after 17 ends. Whitehead then had 3 fantastic ends to pick up 4 shots to take him into the lead for the first time, at 20 ends with the score at 13-11. The last end was played and Bland required a double to take it to an extra end but unfortunately for him he could only manage a single. Colin Whitehead became the 5th person to get his name on the trophy since the competition’s inception, in 2012. Well done Colin another high-quality game.

Sam WattsThe last game of the morning session was the junior singles which saw an all Watlington battle between Dan Swanson and Sam Watts. The first 6 ends saw a close start for both, with the score at 6-5 in Swanson’s favour before Watts kicked into gear, winning the next 6 ends without reply, scoring 10 shots. After 16 ends it was 18-8 in Watts’ favour before Swanson picked up 5 shots over the next 4 ends to try and stay in the game. Watts then, on the 21st end picked up the single shot he required to be crowned the winner of the junior singles for the fourth time, more than any other bowler in the county ever! Congratulations Sam, a record that will stand for a long time I’m sure!

A BBQ lunch was then put on for spectators, officers and competitors before the afternoon session began.

Men's triples winners 2018The first game of the afternoon was the triples final which was an all Headington affair between Jon Philpott, Nathan Lewis and Howard Watts against Ian Henwood, Jason King and Mark Charlett. Charlett’s men got off to a great start scoring 15 shots to 2 after 8 ends. Watts’ trio then fought back well, scoring 7 shots over the following 3 ends to bring the score to 16-9. Charlett’s three then scored 5 shots over the following 5 ends to Watts’ 1 which see Henwood King and Charlett win the game 21-11. Well done to them, although all three have previously won the title, it is the first time they have won the triples together.

Men's fours winners 2018The other game of the afternoon session was the fours between Banbury Central’s Alan Carter, Les Campion, Keith McNeil and Will Campion against West Witney’s Bradley Squires, Harvey Alder, David Leighfield. A shaky start from the Witney boys see them nearly drop a hotshot on the first end! Although a measure deemed it was only 5 shots. After 8 ends the scoreboard was level at 8 apiece before Witney then picked up 5 shots over the next 2 ends. At 15 ends the board showed 16-11 in Alder’s favour before his team pick up a 3 on the 16th to strengthen their lead 19-11. Playing the 20th end, the score was 20-14 and the shots went in favour once more of Alder’s men to pick up 3 shots and make them winners 23-14. Well done chaps.

Men's pairs winners 2018The final game of the day was the pairs final between Headington’s Ian Henwood and Mark Charlett up against West Witney’s Andy McIntyre and David Leighfield. The game started close with the score at 5-4 to the West Witney Pair. The Headington pair conceded the match which saw Andy McIntyre and David Leighfield pairs champions and West Witney to retain the pairs trophy for another year.

A big thank you to Mel and Andy Cable, Sue Wilson, Maggie Miller and Sheila Oldham for providing excellent catering all day. Also thanks to Barry Hall and Jerry Appleton for helping generally throughout the day and a massive thank you to Helen and Paul Skidmore for keeping everyone watered behind the bar.

Thanks also to the three markers who gave up their time for the finals, these were Ian Whelpton, Mike Jones and Mick Morris. Thank you once again to Ed Poole for umpiring.

Eddie Dorling was most pleased with the day and to have the privilege of presenting the winners of the day.

My closing note from this year’s finals would be to all the players representing the county at Leamington next month, good luck and go do the business!!

Oxon ladies lost to Warks in MEL

Oxfordshire ladies lost to Warkwickshire in the Middle England League. The game was played at Banbury Borough on Tuesday 24th July on a blazing hot afternoon cooled slightly by a gentle breeze.

Disappointing result by 16 shots, BOL 100, 4 pts. Warwickshire 116, 13 pts.

Sylvia Blackmore 20, D Bloxham 16
Carole Thornhill 14, D Moore 26
Jeanette Berry 20, J Corn 15
Wendy Cross 16, M Edwards 22
Pat Taylor 17, M Parsons 23
Carol Penson 13, C Cooke 14

Ladies county finals

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies county finals will be held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of July at Oxford City & County.

Saturday 28th July
Report 9:30, Start 10am

Jeanette Berry (Oxford City and County BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Under 25 singles
Emma Gilkes (Watlington BC) v Zoe Pratley (Oxford City & County)

Report 1:30, Start 2pm

Mo Cox (Banbury Central BC) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Unbadged pairs
Jenny Lynch/Ros Burden (South Oxford BC) v Zoe Pratley/Josie Gilbert (Oxford City and County BC)

Sunday 29th July
Report 9:30am, Start 10am

2 wood singles
Carole Galletly (Banbury Central BC) v Katherine Hawes (Oxford City and County BC)

4 wood singles
Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC) v Karen Galloway (Oxford City & County)

Report 1:30pm, Start 2pm

Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) v Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

League week 11

As the summer league season draws to a close, promotion and relegation issues start to dominate club captains and players thoughts about the few weeks left. With the new schedule for Division 3 these are issues that really dominated this week’s matches as next week’s fixtures are their last of the year. Adderbury travelled to bottom club City and County knowing that a victory would ensure their being crowned champions whilst relegating their opponents. They were dominant almost from the start of the match on all four rinks, only Gary Gray’s rink offering real opposition and then only after they trailed Phil Gladden by eight shots. Winning the next seven ends took them into a short term lead but Phil’s men re-found their initial dominance to win three of the last four ends and take the point. Adderbury are champions and City and County will play in Division 4 next season.

Elsewhere in the division Headington outplayed Blackbird Leys on a green that the visitors never really mastered, only James Baldwin’s rink providing some real opposition, leading at sixteen ends only to drop the last two and lose the match.

Banbury Central staved off relegation for one more week by beating Thame and they host City and County in their final fixture. However, the battle to avoid the final relegation place favours Blackbird Leys as they have two matches left to play. In this week’s fixture, Central’s win was thanks in no small part to Jim Pickering’s rink which fought back from eight shots down at halfway to be only a single shot down going into the last end. Although they lost that end, their two shot margin was small enough that Central remained ahead on overall shot count and thus won the match points.

Division 2
saw leaders Carterton almost clinch the title with a dominant victory at Hanborough. The defeat pushed the losers into last place as Chipping Norton hosted, and surprisingly defeated, long distance travellers Shiplake. Unfortunately for Hanborough Carterton started well on all four rinks and never looked like being caught on any of them.

Shiplake were only ever in contention on one rink. Graham Kennedy was on level terms at thirteen ends, after which Tim Sealey’s men pulled away to win comfortably for Chipping Norton.
Witney Town and South Oxford are locked in a battle for the second promotion place. They met this week and the honours went to Witney, despite John Hall’s efforts for the Oxford side. Paul Demczak’s men went behind at the start of their match and stayed behind until the eleventh end, after which they steadily pulled away from their opponents to guarantee the points Witney needed to pull clear of the rivals into second place in the division.
Division 4 continues its turbulent way. Unlike the other divisions, here any two of four teams could still be promoted.
Bicester remain at the top of the league but erstwhile second place South Oxford dropped to fourth place as they had no fixture and the sides just below them both won.

Oxford University Press were unable to maintain their form of the previous weeks going down to Bicester. Whilst their three losing rinks were all well beaten from the start, Paul Tweddle salvaged some pride even though his rink won fewer than half the ends played. Scoring fives and sixes on ends can be a great help! For Bicester, Tony King’s rink were the pick taking the first eight ends to go fifteen shots up.

Twelve shots in three ends in the middle of the evening swung the result to Chris Sherwood’s rink for West Oxford playing at Woodstock. While Alan Blackburn snatched his win on the final end having been four behind with four to play. Three single shot ends left Brian Clarke leading for Woodstock with one end to play which Alan’s men won by two to grab the point for West Oxford.

Chadlington’s defeat of Bloxham was thanks to Carl Smart’s eighteen shot margin in a game where his opposition were never allowed to play, winning only six ends all game, and five of those by a single shot.

Finally, this week, Division 1! Still leaders Headington had no game for the third week – this time it was their bye week! It has allowed their rivals to close the gap to something a little more respectable. Banbury Central are their nearest competition having beaten Watlington on the own turf. A sixteen shot win for Mick Andrew’s rink put the icing on Central cake but the performance of the match was by Nigel Galletly’s triple which restricted Chris Gilkes rink to six winning ends, none by more than two shots, to win even losing twenty-five percent of their score for being a man short.

The Witney derby took place this week when Witney Mills were the ‘home’ team. Fittingly, each club won on two rinks but Paul Skidmore’s rink restricted Les Days to seven shots all match, winning by thirteen shots, which were enough to win the match points for West Witney.

The last match is the most relevant in the league this week as it involves the two teams that have battled relegation since the season began. Kidlington travelled a short distance to City and County knowing that they needed all six points available to have any chance of remaining in the division next season. Their host knew that they required a win to have any realistic chance of surviving as well. John Hardies big win shaded the match for Kidlington and leaves City and County with vital matches against Witney Mills and Watlington in the next two weeks.

Printable report