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June, 2018:

Oxon ladies draw with Beds in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies took just four rinks to Dunstable Town BC and because of the very warm day the match, played on a challenging green, was ended with a draw after 18 ends.

BOL 77, Bedfordshire 77

Carol Penson 17, P Dobson 20
Pauline Williams, 19, P Bright 24
Carole Thornhill 15, C Hills 19
Jeanette Berry 26, S Mumford 14

Peter Phelps

It is with great sadness that we announce that Peter passed away on Thursday 7th June.

Pater was a respected member of Oxford City & County Bowls Club. He was President in 2003 and until very recently headed the management committee as chairman for a number of years, only standing down this year due to ill health.

He will be greatly missed.

Our thoughts are with Rosemary.

The funeral service will be held at the Oxford Crematorium on the 29th June at 1.00p.m, followed by refreshments at this club.

Johns Trophy game cancelled

The last round of the Johns Trophy v Berkshire has been cancelled.

It has been mutually agreed with Berkshire and approved by Bowls England that the last round of the Johns Trophy v Berkshire on Saturday 7th July need not be played as any result would not enhance our position in the table to put any pressure on Kent at the top.

Ladies senior fours final

The ladies senior fours final will be held at Banbury Chestnuts BC on Thursday 5th July at 2pm.

Mo Cox, Banbury Central BC v Angela Ives, Banbury Borough BC

Ladies singles quarter and semi finals

The ladies quarter and semi finals of the country singles will be held at Witney Town BC on Sunday 1st July at 10am.

Caroline Campion, Banbury Central v Margaret Morris, Banbury Borough
Donna Knight, Oxford City & County v Katherine Hawes or Mavis Hale
Carol Penson, Oxford City & County v Jazzmin Alder, West Witney
Liz Kemish, Watlington v Karen Galloway, Oxford City & County

Ladies triples quarter finals and semi finals

The ladies quarter finals and semi finals of the triples will be held at Chipping Norton BC on Saturday 30th June at 10am.

Jeanette Berry, Oxford City & County v Mo Cox, Banbury Central.
Ruth Copp, Shiplake v Carol Gaskins, Oxford City & County.
Cynthia Briant, Charlbury v Katherine Hawes, Oxford City & County.
Ros Burden, South Oxford v Caroline Campion, Banbury Central.

Oxon ladies lose to Kent in Johns Trophy

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies lost to Kent in the Johns Trophy played at Thame Bowls Club on Saturday 23rd July. Oxon only had 2 winning rinks skipped by Jeanette Berry and Carol Penson. With 2 defeats it is highly unlikely Oxon will progress but with new additions to the team, Oxon could able to build for the future.

Oxon 97 4 pts, Kent 132 18 pts.

P Ostler 19, E Simpson 20
K Alder 8, J Cogle 28
D Knight 4, A Banes 32
W Cross 18, J Parker 23
C Penson 19, J Banes 18
J Berry 29, A Harrison 11

Oxon lose to Sussex in Balcomb Regional Finals

Oxfordshire left at the crack of dawn to play Sussex in the southern Regional Finals at Bromley Kent on Sunday 24th June.

With Mark Charlett’s rink finishing 3 ends earlier than Nick Rae-Welsh, it was up to Nick and co to save the match. Playing the 21st end the counties were level and holding shot with only the skips to bowl, The Sussex skip moved the jack back to hold 3 and nick was unable to find a way through to save the match.

Oxfordshire 32, Sussex 35.

Sam Watts Ray Gaskins Ian Henwood Nick Rae-Welsh won 19-14.
Paul Sharman Nathan Lewis A J Docherty Mark Charlett lost 13-21.

Sussex went on to defeat Kent 42-25.

Oxon draw with Surrey in Middleton cup

All Square at the end.

Oxfordshire played their third game of the 2018 Middleton Cup campaign with a home match against Surrey on Saturday 22rd June at Oxford City and County BC. The game swung one way and then the other with Oxfordshire again preferring the southern rinks, particularly the rink of Mark Charlett, who stormed to a 13 shot lead after 10 ends.

With comfortable wins on rinks 1 and 2 for Charlett and Gaskins, the battle on rink 3 was always the closest with Baden Sparkes finally losing by a single shot. Rinks 4 and 5 went Surrey’s way and the overall result depended on the last end on rink 6. With Oxfordshire trailing by one shot and Surrey holding it was left to Nick Rae-Welsh to Trail the jack for a one shot and to tie the match at 121 shots.

The final Saturday of the competition, July 7th, sees Oxfordshire travelling to Berkshire and Suttons BC for a 2pm start.

Oxfordshire 121 shots 93 points, Surrey 121 shots 13 points.

Sam Watts Paul Skidmore Jason King Mark Charlett won 33-14.
Steve Witcombe Will Campion Shane Cooper Ray Gaskins won 22-16.
Alan Carter Kevin Alder Gary May Baden Sparkes lost 21-23.
Ade Kemish David Leighfield A J Docherty Ian Snowdon lost 19-26.
Jim Bland Steve Aldren Nathan Lewis Paul Sharman lost 14-22.
Bradley Squires Paul Comley Ian Henwood Nick Rae-Welsh lost 11-20.

Under 25s roundup

Results still aren’t quite going right for the Under 25s this season.

On Sunday 17th June the team missed out by one shot against Surrey in the regional semi-final of the White Rose national 2x4s at Sutton BC. Four Oxon players, Harvey Alder, Jon Dadson, Brandon King and Will Soden made their debuts at this level and of the players remaining from the national final appearance of 2016 only Bradley Squires played in the same position as previously. That said, the team spirit and camaraderie within our small squad cannot be rivalled and the players took the green with confidence. Orren Bennett and Dan Swanson both moving from lead to three had excellent games always giving their skips a chance. The game which featured some great bowling on a tricky surface went down to the wire. Harvey Alder at skip bowled a great last end to lie shot but then Surrey’s Charlie Souter somehow managed to wriggle through short bowls with his last to give Surrey a four shot win on that rink. With a large degree of fortune in Surrey’s favour playing its part on the final end of the game between the fours of Sam Watts and Jon Wilson, Surrey sneaked a four to win overall by the narrowest of margins!

Rink scores (Oxon first):
B King, B Squires, D Swanson & S Watts bt H Cushen, E Harding, C Sharp & J Wilson 23-20;
J Dadson, W Soden, O Bennett & H Alder lost to S Tindall, L Griffin, J Tindall & C Souter 27-23

Surrey were again the opponents on Sunday 24th June, this time in the Junior Home Counties League at Kidlington BC. In blistering hot conditions on a green as quick as Usain Bolt all players young people struggled for consistency. These Under 25s were all born after, or at least certainly hadn’t started bowling before, the dawn of automatic watering systems and so the sight of a flat brown square area came as a surprise to most. Like the week before the result went in Surrey’s favour mainly due to one rink settling to the conditions quicker and having greater weight of bowls closer to the jack. Surrey won 32 ends to Oxfordhire’s 31 but scored sixteen more shots overall for a clean sweep and 71-55 (10 points to 0) win. This was a test for all and the players will have gained great experience from the game.

Eight further Oxfordshire junior bowlers received coaching from Gail Gilkes followed by a practice game.

Aside of the green and facilities, Kidlington, ever the fantastic hosts, came up trumps with an excellent buffet, catering beforehand, a big tv and coverage of England v Panama which helped take the edge off another narrow defeat for the Oxfordshire lads.

Rink scores (Oxon first):
B King, J Glenn, B Squires & J Wilkinson lost to H Manuel, A Bearer, E Harding & A Orme 19-21; J Dadson, L Gilbert, O Bennett & H Alder lost to S Tindall, T Goucher, J Tindall & C Souter 19-31; J Justin, B Dickson, W Soden, D Swanson lost to G Hopper, J McCarthy,R Bickley,J Wilson 17-19

The Under 25s next game is the JHCL game v Kent at Halls BC on Sunday 8th July 2018.