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August 6th, 2017:

Men’s county selection 6. Sep 2nd – 19th Sep

The men’s county games between 2nd – 19th September have now been selected: Selection No 6

Oxon lose to Middlesex in HCL by 2

Oxfordshire entertained Middlesex at Kidlington on 5th August looking for their first win in this season’s Home Counties League campaign.

Starting well Oxfordshire built a slender lead of 7 shots by end 5. The lead evaporated in the next 5 ends and by end 10 they trailed by 7 shots Middlesex retained the lead for the next 5 ends, and then Oxfordshire reduced the deficit to 4 after 18 ends A further gain of 2 shots left Oxfordshire behind by 2 shots. Wins on rinks 1 to 4 were cancelled out by losses on rinks 5 and 6.

A 50 game badge was awarded to Richard Barnett of Witney Mills BC and a 6 game badge to David Latter of Carterton BC.

Oxfordshire 103 8 points, Middlesex 105 14 points.

The rink scores were:-
P Demczak B Ray C Earl D Leighfield won 23-20
B Squires R Green P Robbins S Cooper won 18-13
S Gibson N Satchell P Skidmore R Gaskins won 20-16
B May D Latter I Whelpton B Sparkes won 17-14
H Beall B Bloomfield A Ley K Alder lost 12-20
S Witcombe A Carter R Barnett C Weller lost 13-22

Oxon ladies lose to Warks in MEL

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies lost to Warkwickshire a Middle England game played at Stratford upon Avon on Tuesday 25th July.

BOL 84 (Nil pts), Warwickshire 144 (17 pts)

Margaret Bullock, Maggie Alderson, Daphne Jacob, Pat Ostler 11, S Hornsby 24
Margaret Stacey, Sue Gokgor, Shirley Crick, Brenda Havard 15, M Tims 26
Karen Galloway, Carole Thornhill, Pam Faulkner, Carol Gaskins 13, J Cook 19
Jacky Gray, Sandra Wase, Pam Shepherd, Marion Darton 19, M Edwards 20
Chris Purnell, Jody Flitter, Hazel Oliver, Jeanette Berry 19, M Parsons 25
Margaret Morris, Ruth Copp, Pat Taylor, Carol Penson 7, J Corn 30