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June 13th, 2017:

Middleton Cup: Oxon lose to Sussex

The second Middleton Cup match against Sussex at Oxford City and County on Saturday 10th June proved to be a game of two halves. The southern half of the green went Oxfordshire’s way with all three rinks scoring 23 shots to record wins. The northern half went Sussex’s way for them to win all three rinks.

Rink 1 was again the Banbury Borough rink skipped by Mark Sykes and a steady start was maintained throughout and they won by 5 shots. Rink 2 saw Baden Sparkes rink trailing by 4 after 10 ends but winning 9 of the final end saw them win by 10. Rink 3 was a similar story to rink 1 and Ray Gaskins brought his rink home by 8. Rink 4 was home to last week’s winning rink of Ryan Buckett with this week’s battle much closer throughout. Trailing by 8 shots after 19 ends hopes were raised with a four on end 20 but shots were limited to one on the 21 for them to lose by 3.

Mark Charlett won 10 of their ends but by significantly smaller margins than their opponents and lost by 14. A six on end 7 brought Paul Sharan level at 8 all but wins ony 2 of the remaining ends saw the heaviest defeat of the afternoon by 22 shots.

Playing his 100th game for Oxfordshire Jason King was awarded with a gold badge and David Leighfield was presented with a Middleton Cup flash.

Oxfordshire 109 6 points, Sussex 125 16 points.

J Abercrombie G Schwab A J Docherty M Sykes won 23-18
K Holloway K Alder C Gilkes B Sparkes won 23-13
M Nash D Leighfield S Cooper R Gaskins won 23-15
J Bland M Brain N Rae-Walsh R Buckett lost 16-19
S Witcombe A McIntyre J King M Charlett lost 12-26
S Watts P Mabbutt G May P Sharman lost 12-34.