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June 5th, 2017:

Ladies Blay Trophy and Plate

Blay Trophy and Plate was held at Witney Town Bowls Club with 24 bowlers taking part.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle; there were some exceptional prizes given and lots of them. Several ladies went home with 2 or 3 prizes. £67.50 was raised on the raffle.

Thanks to Witney Town’s President who helped with keeping the score sheets up to date and everything running smoothly.

The prize winners are as follows:

The Blay Trophy
Winners: Irene Whatmore (Witney Town)/Pam Shepherd (Banbury Central)
Runners up = Barb Singh (Witney Town)/Pam Faulkner (West Oxford)

Quarter Finals:
C. Bloomfield/L. Coles 16, E. Jones/L. Cooper 3
B. Singh/P. Faulkner 12, J. Aldridge/A. Fleming 7
I. Whatmore/P. Shepherd 8, C. Thornhill/J. Gilbert 7
W. Sandy/P.Buckland 8, B. Morgan/P. Willoughby 7

Semi Finals:
I. Whatmore/P. Shepherd 10, W.Sandy/P. Buckland 7
B. Singh/P.Faulkner 11, C. Bloomfield/L. Coles 5

Irene Whatmore/Pam Shepherd 11, Barb Singh/Pam Faulkner 10

The Blay Plate
Winners: S Crick (Witney Town)/Jeanette Berry (Oxford City and County)
Runners up: Joyce May (Burford)/Carol Penson (Oxford City and County)

Quarter Finals:
M.Ludlow/J.Williams 8, J.May/Carol Penson 9

Semi Finals
J.May/C. Penson 11, E.Jones/L.Cooper 9
S. Crick/J.Berry 16, B.Morgan/P.Willoughby 7

Shirley Crick/Jeanette Berry 14, J.May/Carol Penson 5

Middleton Cup v Sussex

Oxofordshire men will face Sussex in the Middleton Cup on Saturday 10th June 2pm at Oxford City & County BC. The team has been selected: Middleton Cup v Sussex