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August 11th, 2016:

Men’s final county friendly game selection

The games against Berkshire, Worcestershire, Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies and Essex have now been selected: Selection No 6 7th Sep – 20th Sep 2016

Oxon men beat Bristol team in friendly

Oxfordshire entertained City and County of Bristol at Witney Town on Tuesday August 8th. All six rinks went well but none could compete with the for on rink 2 skipped by Alan Wase in his first game at skip for the county. Scoring 26 shots, they conceded six ends but only 7 shots. 26 was the popular score for the day with the Mick Morris and Chris Weller skipping rinks to this total. Chris’ rink looked favourite to go through the barrier but a tied end on the 21st inhibited their ambitions.

With wins on 5 rinks it was left to the President to complete the clean sweep and going into the last end with a 2 shot lead hopes were high. However a dropped 2 spoilt the ambitions and gave Bristol a deserved draw on the rink.

A 6-game badge was awarded to Thame’s John Hurley.

Oxfordshire 143 City and County of Bristol 99.

Rink scores:

J Jarvis J Hurley L days B Bloomfield won 21-18
B Willoughby R Slater P Demczak A Wase won 26-7
B Squires P Maissey C Lewis P Latter drew 23-23
M Cameron N Satchell J McGeough M Morris won 26-18
A Carter M Jones J Timms A Ley won 21-15
S Tolhurst A Fleming T Jupp C Weller won 26-18