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July 20th, 2016:

Men’s County Finals

The men’s county finals will be held at Carterton BC on Sunday 24th July. A full programme is available: Men’s county finals 2016

Oxon lose to Kent in HCL

Oxfordshire travelled to Halls BC, Dartford to play Kent on 16th July to play Kent in a Home Counties League match. Both sides started slowly and after 5 ends Kent lead by one. The scoreboards then started to move in Kent’s favour and by the end Oxfordshire trailled by 42 shots having won on only one rink.

Shots Oxfordshire 86 Kent 128.
Points Oxfordshire 2 Kent 20.

Rink scores

S Tolhurst R Slater P Latter P Comley lost 18-21.
D Latter J Timms H Williams R Barnett lost 15-24.
A Wase J McGeough C Cox M Andrew lost 12-23.
J Wells A Hall P Skidmore K Alder lost 14-19.
O Bennett R Radband B Bloomfield W Parker lost 11-27.
H Beall M Jones P Demczak I Whelpton won 16-14.

Oxon men beat Cambs in friendly

On Wednesday 11th July Oxfordshire hosted Cambridge at West Witney BC.

For the second week running Oxfordshire eased their way into an early lead and were never headed. Chris Weller and his team on rink 6 lead the way with a comfortable win by 19 shots, which inspired the 4 adjacent rinks to comfortable wins. Only rink 1 failed to follow the lead and despite being 4 ahead after 11 ends did not win another end and lost by 12.

A 200 game badge was awarded to County Treasurer Allan Hunt and a 100 game badge to Kidlington’s Melvin Brain.

Oxfordshire 145 Cambridgeshire 91.

Rink scores:

A Hunt J Wells H Williams I Whelpton lost 14-26.
M Cameron N Satchell A Wase M Brain won 21-10.
B Ray M Jones R Barnett P Latter won 30-15.
P Demczak R Bull T Gripe L Days won 25-13.
S Tolhurst B Jarvie P Strange A Ley won 24-15.
C Lewis J Timms B Bloomfield C Weller won 31-12.