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June 26th, 2016:

Oxon ladies lose to Kent in the Walker Cup

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies lost to Kent in the Walker cup played at Egham bowls club on Sunday 26th June.

Oxfordshire 27, Kent 38

Rink Scores:

Jeanette Berry 10, Sian Honnor 20
Donna Knight 17, Wendy King 18 (played 20 ends)

Oxon lose to Berks in Balcomb regional finals

Oxfordshire again travelled to Croydon BC to play in the Balcomb Regional Finals against Berkshire. Things did not go Oxfordshire’s way and the match was conceded early.

Rink Scores:

J Abercrombie, P Sharman, R Gaskins, M Sykes 12, BJ Byles N Jones S Jones R Newman 20
S Watts, I Snowdon, M Charlett, H Watts 6, D W-Emberson L Brown L Sabatini A Knapper 23

Johns Trophy: Oxon Ladies lose to Sussex

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies travelled to Horsham bowls club on Saturday 25th June to face Sussex in the John’s Trophy. Unfortunately Oxon could not replicate their previous win against the Isle of Wight and won on only 2 rinks skipped by Carol Penson and Brenda Havard.

Oxfordshire 90, Sussex 148

Rink Scores:
Carol Penson 22, Carol Watson 17
Brenda Havard 19, Wendy Davies 16
Donna Knight 17, Kate Sayers 23
Wendy Cross 14, Brenda Davis 30
Angela Ives 11, Lorraine Kuhler 34
Jeanette Berry 8, Denise Hodd 28

M Cup: Oxon beat Surrey after rain stops play

Oxfordshire’s third match of the Middleton cup campaign against a strong Surrey side at Oxford City and County B C was dominated by heavy rain. Playing 3 rinks on each green because of heavy rainfall before the start, hopes were not high for a completion of the 21 ends, Expectations of completing 72 ends in total increased throughout the afternoon for the match to be regarded as complete. Having completed 83 ends the rain had the final word with the sides each leading on three rinks but Oxfordshire had a 15 shot win. (Oxfordshire 83 shots against Surrey’s 68. The points were 16 to Oxfordshire and 6 to Surrey.

The result means that Oxfordshire are just 5 points behind leaders Surrey in in the group, with all to play for in the last game on 8 th July.

Rink Scores:

S Watts P Comley B Lambourne P Sharman 7, H Cushen P Bennett D Morris S Clarke 12 after 13 ends.
H Beall T Prew I Henwood R Gaskins 8, Y Friday D Olver L Dickson M Sigmoney 16 after 14 ends.
K Holloway I Kibble-White J King M Charlett 17, C Souter J Cable E O’Flynn G Clark 10 after 15 ends.
P Lopez C Weller A J Docherty I Snowdon 14, J Winter J O’Leary M White D Hennessy 6 after 15 ends.
J Abercrombie P Mabbutt S Cooper M Sykes 24, M Porter R Cushen J Graham N Beeson 7 after 17 ends.
D Leighfield K Alder N Rae-Welsh W Parker 13, A Neal S Shanley F Morton P McDonnell 17 after 15 ends.

Oxon men beat Herefordshire in friendly

On Tuesday 21st June Oxfordshire returned to friendly action after a week’s layoff travelling to Eastnor to play Herefordshire.

Despite winning well on 2 rinks Oxfordshire after 10 ends lead by only 8 shots with the rinks shared at 3 each. Thereafter things swung heavily in favour of the visitors and wins on 5 rinks gave Oxfordshire victory by 51 shots.

A 50 game badge was awarded o Chris Lewis (Oxford City and County BC).

Oxfordshire 145 Herefordshire 94.

Rink scores:

A Hunt S Tolhurst C Weller T Grioe won 30-19.
P Demczak E Dorling K Williams A Hall won 28-10.
M Cameron A French J McGeough I Whelpton won 31-11.
C Lewis R Slater M Oliver A Ley won 17-16.
H Franklin A Fleming C Haley B Bloomfield won 26-13.
B Willoughby J Timms M Jones J Lucas lost 13-25.