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June 12th, 2016:

Banbury Boro and City and County teams qualify in fours

Margaret Morris, Carole Walker, Maureen Osborne and Angela Ives (Banbury Borough) and Karen Galloway, Margaret Stacey, Carol Gaskins and Carol Penson (Oxford City and County) have qualified for the national fours championships held at Leamington Spa in August.

The fours Quarter and Semi Finals at Thame BC on Saturday 25th June 2016.

Quarter Finals:
Angela Ives (Banbury Borough) 22, Pauline Williams (Hanborough) 17
Karen Alder (West Witney) 18, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) 15
Carol Penson (Oxford City and County) 28, Jeanette Berry (Oxford City and County) 19
Daphne Jacob (Shiplake) 21, Sheila Lovett (West Witney) 18

Semi Finals:
Angela Ives 27, Karen Alder 18
Carol Penson 20, Daphne Jacob 15

Lewis and Berry qualify in ladies 2 wood singles

Myra Lewis and Jeanette Berry (both Oxford City & County) have qualified for the national 2 wood championships played at Leamington in August. The county 2 wood singles was played at Oxford City and County BC on Sunday 26th June. Lewis defeated Katherine Hawes in the quarter final and went on to defeat club mate Jacky Gray in the semi final. In the other half, Jeanette Berry also swept aside club mates Carol Gaskins in the quarter final and Carol Penson in the semi final.


Quarter Finals:

Jeanette Berry 17, Carol Gaskins 14
Carol Penson 16, Katie Bland 12
Myra Lewis 15, Katherine Hawes 11
Jacky Gray 14, Wendy Cross 11

Semi Finals:

Jeanette Berry 16, Carol Penson 10
Myra Lewis 16, Jacky Gray 13

Oxon Ladies Johns Trophy and County Matches

Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies will face Sussex in the Johns Trophy at Horsham BC on Saturday 25th June 2016. The team has been selected: Oxon v Sussex

The county games against Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire have now been selected: Match Sheet (Beds, Bucks)