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September 14th, 2015:

National Top Club: Banbury Central Runners Up

National County Top Club Runners Up

Banbury Central BC are the 2015 Bowls England Women’s National Top Club runners up after just losing out to the reigning champions Egham BC. The team consisted of Carole Galletely in the singles, Pam Shepherd and Caroline Campion in the pairs, Gill Hunt, Sue Waring and Anne Norton in the triples and Melody Sykes, June Bone, Brenda Havard and Mary Tee in the fours with reserves of Gill Sharpe and Eloise Jones. The Banbury team beat strong teams from Derbyshire and Leicestershire to reach the final with the Egham team from Surrey winning on a shot difference.

Final Rink Scores:

Singles: 8-21
Pairs: 20-14
Triples: 15-28
Fours: 28-18

Quarter Final: Banbury Central BC (Oxon) bt Stute BC (Derbs) 3-1
Semi-final: Banbury Central BC (Oxon) bt Kingscroft BC (Leics) 3-1
Final: Egham BC (Surrey) bt Banbury Central BC (Oxon) 2-2

The Men’s top club saw Carterton reach the semi finals before losing out to Garston BC from Hertfordshire.

Quarter Final: Carterton BC (Oxon) bt Norfolk BC (Norfolk) 3-2
Semi-final: Garston BC (Herts) bt Carterton BC (Oxon) 3-2

Ladies County Top Club won by City & County

The final of the Ladies County Top Club was played at Banbury Chestnuts on a lovely autumnal morning on Sunday 6th September 2015 and was won by Oxford City and County BC with a total of 4 – 0 against Witney Town BC.


Oxford City & County first

Singles: Shirley Crick 21, Val Hill 11.
Pairs: Jacky Gray and Jeanette Berry 31, Jan Gore and Caroline Bloomfield 18.
Triples: Julie Jackson, Margaret Stacey and Marion Darton 23, Jean Smith, Yvonne Hodgkinson, France’s Riley 21.
Fours: Jody Flitter, Eileen O’Shea, Carol Gaskins and Carol Penson 22, Margaret Ludlow, Lyn Cooper, Jan Cameron and Jill Hutchins 13.