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July 19th, 2015:

Ladies Blay Cup & Plate

The ladies Blay cup & plate was played at Henley on Saturday 18th July on a hot sunny day, the final of the Cup was a closely fought game won by lead Janet Fountain and skip Pat Ostler of Banbury Borough by one shot against lead Eloise Jones (Banbury Central) and skip Jeanette Berry (Oxford City &County).

The Plate final was won by Erica Brown (Banbury Borough)and Sylvia Blackmore (Shiplake) who played Ros Sopp (Bloxham) and Myra Lewis (Oxford City & County).

The day was supported by 26 Entries and raised £179 for the Blay fund, £90 of which is paid out in prize money, a very sucessful day for all and a big thank you to Henely ladies for their continued support throughout the day.

Blay Cup Results:
Semi Finals: Jeanette Berry & Eloise Jones 13, Margaret Morris & Jackie Stafford 6; Pat Ostler & Janet Fountain 14, Lisa William & Linda Coles 6;
Final: Pat Ostler & Janet Fountain 12, Jeanette Berry & Eloise Jones 12.

Blay Plate Results:
Semi Finals: Sylvia Blackmore & Erica Brown 15, Val Rees and Kay Oliver 4; Myra Lewis & Ross Sopp 12, Maureen Osborne and Ruth Copp 6.
Final: Sylvia Blackmore & Eric Brown 9, Myra Lewis & Ross Sopp 5.