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July 13th, 2015:

HCL: Oxon lose to Kent

Oxfordshire returned to Thame BC on Saturday 11th July to play Kent in the Home Counties league. The game started badly for Oxfordshire with 3 of the rinks significantly down after 10 ends. Oxfordshire battled well and finished the match 26 shots behind.

Alan Ley’s rink recovered from a 19 shot deficit after 15 ends to lose by 12.
Colin Whitehead kept his rink in contention in the early ends but a team effort saw them over the winning line with a 7 shot victory.
Will Campion’s rink was a similar pattern to rink 1 despite a 5 on end 14 and they lost by 11.
Jason King’s side had a close match throughout and held on for a 17 all draw.
Rink 5 with Mike Petersen followed the pattern of the odd rinks and lost by 10.
On rink 6 Kevin Alder picked up 4 shots on the last 2 ends to force a 17 all draw.

Orren Bennett (Chadlingtpn BC) was awarded a 6 game badge.

Oxfordshire 97 shots 4 points Kent 123 shots 18 points.

Rink scores:
C Lewis T Gripe C Weller A Ley 15; A Boatwright B Woodington K Hysted J Smith 27,
T Prew P Latter S Cooper C Whitehead 20; P Harris M Nicholson A Rodger D Hanmore 13,
S Tolhurst T Jupp C Earl W Campion 16; P Foster P Rolfe M Bannister R Herridge 27,
O Bennett S Jones P Comley J King 17; M Fisher I Parker D Stearn S Savage 17,
S watts L Days A Hall M Petersen 12; R Southby T Dobson T Marshment S Wells 22,
R Green J Timms B Bloomfield K Alder 17; R Ferguson C Baugh G Bailey T Kirby 17.

Oxon ladies lose to Berks in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies lost by 15 shots to Berkshire in a friendly match played at Shiplake BC on Wednesday 8th July.

Oxon 102, Berkshire 117

Jeanette Berry 18, M Parkinson 15
Angela Ives 13, L Orlando 22
Wendy Cross 12, G Chamberlain 26
Sylvia Rogers 18, M Booth 22
Pat Ostler 20, J Hardie 19
Daphne Jacob 21, J Holmes 13