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July 5th, 2015:

Men’s Singles Quarter Finals

Friday evening saw the Singles quarter-finals at South Oxford BC complete the circle and bring this weeks competitions, which started with the Under 25 singles at South Oxford last Sunday, to their conclusion.

The luck of the draw saw the Banbury Borough, Headington and West Witney clubs each with two participants drawn against each other.
The fourth game was between Borough’s third quarter-finalist Paul Hilton, another Banbury man returning to the game after a period of very limited bowling, and Under 25 singles finalist Sam Watts from the Watlington club. With five of the first seven ends going in his favour Hilton had moved into an 8-3 lead, only for Watts to then move up a gear taking the next eight ends to go to within three shots of a semi-final place. They each picked up three of the remaining six ends, 5 shots going to the Borough man and 3 to the Watlington bowler, the last a clean take out shot which gave him a 21-13 win.

Mark Sykes, following on from his success in Wednesday’s Fours quarter was up against fellow club mate Paul McLeod, who is comparatively new to the sport. With each having four ends under their belt and the scoreline 8-4 in Sykes’ favour he then took control of the game taking the next six ends and picking up 13 shots without reply for a 21-4 success.
The all West Witney duel between Kevin Alder and Trevor Prew saw Alder settle the quicker of the two and hold a 10-3 lead after nine ends. Four shots over the next three ends brought his club colleague to within three shots, but Prew then only managed to collect a single over the following seven ends before Alder moved on with a 21-8 victory.

The last of the four games saw the Headington duo of Howard Watts and Nick Rae-Welsh pitched against each other. Already in two semi finals, Watts seemed determined to make it three and give the organisers a headache. From 4-3 up after three ends Rae-Welsh only managed a 2 and two singles over the next thirteen ends as he saw his fellow clubman move to 20-8 lead and looking for one shot for success. A late rally of a brace of two’s, a three and a single, along with a killed end brought Rae-Welsh to within four shots at 16-20 and Watts still looking for that elusive single. On the following end, the required shot was claimed for a 21-16 Watts win and the Semi-final programme became stretched to include the following Monday evening.