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July, 2015:

Men’s Finals

The men’s county finals will be held at Carterton BC on Saturday 19th July.


Ian Henwood, Mark Charlett (Headington BC) v Jon Philpott, Howard Watts (Headington BC)

Tim Jupp, Andrew Martin, Stuart Richens, Paul Sharman (Carterton BC) v Keith Holloway, Jamie Wilkinson, George Schwab, Mark Sykes (Banbury Borough BC)


U25 Singles
Dean May (Headington BC) v Sam Watts (Watlington BC)


Sam Watts (Watlington BC) v Mark Sykes (Banbury Borough BC)

2 Wood Singles
Stuart Richens (Carterton BC) v Howard Watts (Headington BC)


David Clanfield, Andrew Martin, Paul Sharman (Carterton BC) v Jon Philpott, Nathan Lewis, Howard Watts (Headington BC)

Please arrive suitably dressed in greys.
Match Dress as in Semi-Finals.

A variety of food will be available for purchase throughout the day for both players and visitors.
Will morning bowlers please order any lunch requirements before starting play.

Parking (Players and Spectators)
Please do not block the centre of the club car park.
From 12 noon, additional parking is available in the church car park in Arkell Road, on the same side as the bowls club

Ladies v Men

On Tuesday 14th July Oxfordshire men hosted the annual match against BO Ladies at Carterton, the home club of their President Steve Tolhurst. With a strong complement of Carterton bowlers, the men were optimistic of extending both their win of victories over the ladies and their wins in friendlies in 2015.
The match started evenly with the ladies taking a lead of 2 shots overall after 5 ends. By the 15th end the men had established a comfortable 24 shot lead which they extended to 31 by the end. Carol Nall with Carole Walker, Maggie Alderson and Sylvia Blackmore provided the ladies with their only winning rink thanks to a strong finish converting a 5 shot deficit into a win by 8 shots in the last 5 ends.

The battle of the presidents was close throughout and although Wendy Cross and her rink won the majority of ends, Steve Tolhurst had the final say winning by 5 shots.
The other 4 rinks proved comfortable wins for the men, particularly the rink of Ian Whelpton with David Latter, Allen Smith and Mick Morris.

OBA 134 – Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies 103.

David Latter Allen Smith Mick Morris and Ian Whelpton beat Margaret Stacey Sue Gogkor Daphne Jacob and Brenda Havard 29-16.
Jim Wells John Stephens John McGeough and Harry Wiliams lost to Carole Walker Maggie Alderson Sylvia Blackmore and Carol Nall 18-26.
Mike Jones John Hurley Phil Monahan and Peter Latter beat Erica Brown Sylvia Rogers Caroline Bloomfield and Jeanette Berry 21-13.
Steve Tolhurst Eddie Dorling George Weedon and Brian Bloomfield beat Margaret Morris Marion Darton Gill Muir and Wendy Cross 19-14.
Paul Demczak John Timms Martin Oliver and Jim Lucas beat Gill Hunt Maureen Osborne Angela Ives and Pat Ostler 21-16.
Barry Willoughby Graham Penn Allan Hall and Tim Jupp beat Carol Penson Jacky Gray Doreen Penn and Carol Gaskins 26-18.

Men’s Semi Finals: Next Stop Leamington Spa

After Banbury the next stop north on the Chiltern Line just happens to be Leamington Spa, the hoped for destination of those who made this years County National Championships Semi-Finals which were appropriately played on the Banbury Borough green, with its superb spectator viewing facilities, catering organisation and arguably the best floral surrounds of any green in Oxfordshire, all done by club members.
They even arranged for bright warm sunshine, at least until lunchtime.

The morning matches started with an all Carterton triples match between Bob Turley, Tim Jupp and Gordon Walker against David Clanfield, Andrew Martin and Paul Sharman. Martin replaced Alan Prew in the triple who were losing Finalists in last year’s National Triples at Leamington. The change in personnel did not weaken the trio who tucked five of the first six ends under their belts for a 9-2 lead and only failed to score on four of the next ten ends before their club mates conceded at 6-21.

Starting an hour later, the singles set up two intriguing games, Headington’s Howard Watts, in two other semi’s and already in the Two Wood final and Watlington’s Sam Watts, already a finalist in the Under 25 singles. With so much wattage on show, the competition promised to be electrifying. Watts senior, who had won the title twice before, the first in 1988, settled the quickest with two singles and triples to a four by his opponent to lead 8-4 at 5 ends. Watts junior then settled to take the next five ends and move into a four shot lead which prompted the Headington man to respond with three two’s and a single against three singles from Sam to bring the scores level at 15 all after seventeen ends. Once again the momentum turned, this time in favour of the Watlington man who brought the game to a close with a single, a triple and a pair for a 21-15 win, booking his second trip up the line.

The second singles semi saw West Witney’s Kevin Alder paired against Banbury Borough’s Mark Sykes, losing finalist in 2006, in what proved to be a game of endurance over 29 ends. With the shot difference never more than three to either player the scores were level at 11 all after fourteen ends, sixteen all after 23 ends and then a three to the Banbury bowler brought him within two of moving into the final. Alder stood his ground collecting three singles to level the score once again.

The next end saw the game come to a close by a stroke of fate. With one bowl each remaining, Alder held the two shots required for game with Sykes having bowled his three woods unintentionally well past the jack. Alder bowling first, delivered his last wood, another in the count would have Sykes under serious pressure, a yard through and he had is opponents woods covered. Along came the fickle finger of fate, his wood caught the side of the jack which settled in between his opponents two nearest woods giving the Borough man the two shots needed to move into the final. It was not the most fitting of ends to what had been an enthralling game.

The morning session was over and lunch beckoned not a moment too soon, as within half an hour, the heavens had opened and parts of the green became waterlogged. The afternoon session managed to start an hour late at 3.00pm.

The two Pairs matches were comfortably won by the Headington duo’s of Ian Henwood and Mark Charlett against the Banbury Central pairing of Nigel Galletly and William Campion Watlington, and Jon Philpott leading for Howard Watts against the Watlington double Gordon Hooker and Bob Gilkes. After sharing the first six ends and leading 5-3, the Headington men picked up 7 shots over the next four ends to move into a nine shot lead which they extended to thirteen three ends later.

Although they took four of the next seven ends, the Central bowlers ran out of ends losing 11-21 at the 20th.
Philpott and Watts finished their game two ends earlier after moving from 8-4 at 9 ends to 23-4 six ends later to kill off the game, finally winning 24-7.

In the Fours, the home green rink of Keith Holloway, Jamie Wilkinson, George Schwab and Mark Sykes ended the twelfth end 11-9 up against Bicester’s Robert Pink, Allan Hall, Kevin Taylor and Paul Hooley, with both sides having won 6 ends. A 4,3 and 1 rot the Banbury four over the next three ends opened up a ten shot gap. The Bicester rink took a single on the next end which turned out to be their last scoring effort before another six shots against them over the next four ends brought the match to a close and the Borough quad, 25-10 winners, reach for the railway timetable.

Borough’s other semi-final rink of Darren Sharpe, John Brooks, George Moon and AJ Docherty will, unfortunately, only be booking platform tickets so they can stand and wave to their club-mates off to Leamington. Their opponents rink saw Tim Jupp who had lost in the morning triples join up with his morning conqueror’s Andrew Martin and skip Paul Sharman, with Stuart Richens (Two-wood singles finalist) coming in at three. The Carterton foursome completed the eigth end three shots up at 10-7 and then proceeded to pick up eleven shots without reply over the next six. Four shots to Two in Carterton’s favour over the next five ends saw them book their second visit to the Spa town on the back of a 25-9 victory.

Howard Watts’ qualification three semi-final’s required the second Triples game to be played on Monday evening and this proved to be the match of the semi’s pitching Watts and team mates Jon Philpott and Nathan Lewis against fellow club mates John Nicholls, Jason King and Mark Charlett who won this title in 2013. After the day long drizzle, the game took place in dry conditions under a dull sky, but the baling was anything but dull. End after end the shot swayed between the two sides, with one excellent wood to take shot being matched by an equally excellent wood for the shot to move to the other triple. After four end, it was in Watts’ favour 5-2 only for Charletts trio to move into a 9-5 lead three ends later. There was even a tied end on the eigth, this was how good and close the bowling was. A three to Watts was followed by a three to Charlett before Philpott, Lewis and Watts picked up a 1.2 and 4 to move into a 15-12 lead with five ends to play. Nicholls, King and Charlett retaliated with a 1 and 3 to lead by one, only to drop a three on the sixteenth, 18-16 in Watts’ favour. A one on the seventeenth brought Charlett’s threesome to within one shot going into the last end. Try as they did it was not to be for Charlett and his two partners as Philpott, Lewis and Watts collected two shots for a 20-17 win in a game that was even tighter than the scoreline suggested.

The weekends winners are now all aboard for their journey to the County finals at Carterton Bowls Club next Sunday, July 19th, before their stop in August at Leamington Spa where hopefully they will not come off the rails.

League Week 10

With leaders Headington having their second bye week, the chasers, Carterton and Banbury Central, took the chance to close the gap at the top of Division 1.

Carterton’s home defeat of Bicester leaves the latter staring relegation in the face. Indeed, if they lose next weeks match against relegation rivals West Witney escape will be almost impossible. However, they pushed second place Carterton all the way this week, only losing in the final few ends on each rink, which should give them some hope for next week.

Centrals defeat of West Witney was a more one-sided affair, especially for those Witney players facing Les Campion’s rink. Leading from the start, the Central four eventually won by twenty-five shots.

The final fixture saw City and County continue their re-found form with a whitewash of Shiplake, who now find themselves close to the relegation zone. Indeed, with their last two home matches against Headington and Central they could yet be relegated. Big wins for Chris Earl and Mike Peterson’s rinks in this match.

Division 2 remains as tight as ever. Leaders Witney Mills were defeated at Adderbury with the rinks of Tom Clark and Chris Skidmore doing the damage. However, Mills two points from the match were sufficient to keep them above Watlington who were defeating bottom club The Oxford. Good wins for Chris and Bob Gilkes rinks plus that of Shane Cooper making Watlington one of this weeks centurions.

Charlbury, perhaps surprisingly, defeated South Oxford denting the latters hopes of promotion and their own of avoiding relegation. A good result for Jim Stevens’ men but Charlbury were close on the other three rinks losing two by small margins.

The Division 3 match between Chipping Norton and Witney Town had been played very early in the season as Town were on tour this week and unable to raise a team. At that point, Town were playing well and Chipping Norton poorly so the result was not an unexpected six-nil to Town. This extends their lead to almost ten points above third place City and County and should mean they gain a place in division 2 next year.

Banbury Chestnuts remain second after whitewashing close neighbours Bloxham, who are now almost certainly facing relegation. Good wins on all four rinks, with that skipped by Lee Wilkinson top of the scores.

Chadlington’s first ever Middleton Cup player, Orren Bennett, was instrumental in Ron Arthur’s rink winning by twenty-two shots, thus ensuring his club gained the match points. The single point the visitors went away with probably removes them from the race for promotion.

However, City and County are still in the chase thanks to their five – one win at Kidlington. A big win for Colin Pollard’s rink wiped out an equally good one for Melvin Brain’s men for the home side. The other two, close, rink went to the visitors.

Only two matches were played in Division 4 as Florence Park were unable to field a team at Banbury Central. The six points awarded to Central leaves them top of the league and now six points clear of Blackbird Leys in third place.

Leys themselves beat South Oxford in the closest match of the week, taking match points by virtue of their two winning rinks scoring three shots more than Oxfords!

Second place Hanborough comfortably defeated Woodstock despite the efforts of Dave Francis for the visitors. Their twenty-two shot win was almost negated by Ken Williams’ and Geoff Thompson’s men, who rose to the occasion.

Match Report
Rink Scores
League Tables

HCL: Oxon lose to Kent

Oxfordshire returned to Thame BC on Saturday 11th July to play Kent in the Home Counties league. The game started badly for Oxfordshire with 3 of the rinks significantly down after 10 ends. Oxfordshire battled well and finished the match 26 shots behind.

Alan Ley’s rink recovered from a 19 shot deficit after 15 ends to lose by 12.
Colin Whitehead kept his rink in contention in the early ends but a team effort saw them over the winning line with a 7 shot victory.
Will Campion’s rink was a similar pattern to rink 1 despite a 5 on end 14 and they lost by 11.
Jason King’s side had a close match throughout and held on for a 17 all draw.
Rink 5 with Mike Petersen followed the pattern of the odd rinks and lost by 10.
On rink 6 Kevin Alder picked up 4 shots on the last 2 ends to force a 17 all draw.

Orren Bennett (Chadlingtpn BC) was awarded a 6 game badge.

Oxfordshire 97 shots 4 points Kent 123 shots 18 points.

Rink scores:
C Lewis T Gripe C Weller A Ley 15; A Boatwright B Woodington K Hysted J Smith 27,
T Prew P Latter S Cooper C Whitehead 20; P Harris M Nicholson A Rodger D Hanmore 13,
S Tolhurst T Jupp C Earl W Campion 16; P Foster P Rolfe M Bannister R Herridge 27,
O Bennett S Jones P Comley J King 17; M Fisher I Parker D Stearn S Savage 17,
S watts L Days A Hall M Petersen 12; R Southby T Dobson T Marshment S Wells 22,
R Green J Timms B Bloomfield K Alder 17; R Ferguson C Baugh G Bailey T Kirby 17.

Oxon ladies lose to Berks in friendly

Bowls Oxfordshire ladies lost by 15 shots to Berkshire in a friendly match played at Shiplake BC on Wednesday 8th July.

Oxon 102, Berkshire 117

Jeanette Berry 18, M Parkinson 15
Angela Ives 13, L Orlando 22
Wendy Cross 12, G Chamberlain 26
Sylvia Rogers 18, M Booth 22
Pat Ostler 20, J Hardie 19
Daphne Jacob 21, J Holmes 13

Ladies County Finals

The ladies County Finals will be held at Oxford City & County on Saturday 25th July and Sunday 26th July.

Saturday 26th July
Report 9:30am, Start 10am

U25 Singles
Katie Glenn (Oxford City & County BC) v Jazzmin Alder (West Witney BC)

Unbadged Pairs
Maureen De Paauw/Sue Stewart (South Oxford BC) v Wendy Rossiter/Linda Price (Headington BC)

Championship Singles
Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC) v Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County BC)

Report 1:30pm, Start 2pm

Katherine Hawes/Donna Knight (Oxford City & County BC) v Carole Galletly/Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC)

Sunday 26th July
Report: 9.30 AM, Start: 10 AM

2 Wood Singles

Jeanette Berry (Oxford City & County BC) v Carol Gaskins (Oxford City & County BC)

Pam Shepherd, Gill Sharpe, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion (Banbury Central BC) v Mo Cox, Sue Waring, Annie Gilkes, Anne Norton (Banbury Central BC)

Vicky Harrison, Margaret Stacey, Jacky Gray (Oxford City & County BC) v Donna Knight, Gail Gilkes, Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County BC)

County Finals 2015

Ladies Gwen Steel Unbadged Singles

The Ladies Gwen Steel Unbadged Singles will take place on Saturday 22nd August 10am at Oxford City & County. The format will be 3 woods, 15 ends played through to a final with 18 ends.

This competition is open to ALL lady bowlers who have NOT received their County Blazer Badge (except 3 times winners not eligible). The finalists are eligible to play for the County and may put their names down for selection.

Refreshments will be available. To enter please see club notice board, please note entries to reach the Hon Treasurer (Mrs Angela Ives) by Monday 17th August. If you have entered and then find you cannot come, a phone call to 01295 259845 or Email: would be appreciated.

Ladies Singles: Hawes and Campion qualify

Singles Qualifiers 2015

Katherine Hawes (Oxford City & County) and Caroline Campion (Banbury Central) have qualified for the national singles championships held at Leamington Spa in August. The singles quarter and semi finals were played at Oxford City & County on Sunday 5th July.

Hawes swept aside Oxfordshire ladies president Wendy Cross in the quarter final before beating fours team mate Myra Lewis by 5 shots. Campion equally managed a comfortable win in the quarter final against Caroline Bloomfield before qualifying with a 8 shot victory over Jeanette Berry.

Quarter Finals: J Berry 21, S Gokgor 19; C Bloomfield 5, C Campion 21; W Cross 7, K Hawes 21; M Lewis 21, P Williams 7.
Semi Finals: J Berry 13, C Campion 21; K Hawes 21, M Lewis 16.

League Week 9

The Division 1 title looks to have been decided with four matches still to play for the protagonists! The Juggernaut that is Headington A rolled on at Bicester’s expense. Another six nil victory leaves them ten points clear of second place Carterton. Jason King and Nick Rea-Welsh did the real damage for Headington but at least Bicester held them to under one hundred shots! Bicester themselves now look as though avoiding relegation will be difficult.

At fifteen ends, in the match at Shiplake, West Witney were heading for one of the real shocks of the season. Leading on three rinks, they were on track for five points but the home side did not go down without a fight and succeed in snatching draws on two of the three. Still Harry Williams’ winning total was enough to give the visitors the match points and reopen their struggle with City and County in the relegation zone.

The third match saw a disappointing Banbury Central side defeated at home by Carterton. Highlight of the match was Paul Sharman’s rink putting Will Campion’s men to the sword with a thirty shot winning margin.

Division 2 remains tight. The top of the table match saw home side Witney Mills outplay visitors Watlington on three rinks, including a big victory for Richard Barnett’s men over the recent ‘super rink’ of Shane Cooper. With wins for John Mott and Chris Weller, they generated enough shots to overcome the seventeen shot win for Bob Gilkes’ rink for the visitors and extend Mills lead at the top.

The third and fourth place sides met at Adderbury with visitors South Oxford coming out on top, despite playing two triples. Indeed had Dick Claridge’s three scored one more shot they would have won and South Oxford would have come away with five points instead of four.

Recovery of the week was at The Oxford Bowls Club were Paul Ilott’s rink were five shots down at twenty ends and scored the six they needed to snatch victory! Dennis Sims’ men had already ensued victory for the home team with a thirteen shot win.

In Division 3 City and County have Collin Pollard’s thirty shot winning margin to thank for their three points in the fixture with Chipping Norton. The visitors were unlucky not to take more home from the match as they won well on the other three rinks.

Witney Town extended their lead at the top of the division by whitewashing Chadlington while Banbury Chestnuts remain in contention after their five one demolition of Kidlington. A big win for Keith Buckle’s rink in the latter match ensured match points for the home side.
The final match saw Mark Kirby’s rink winning margin large enough to secure match points for Headington and push Bloxham deep into relegation trouble.

In Division 4, early leaders Hanborough now trail Banbury Central after their loss to West Oxford. In a close match, Mick Alderson’s fourteen shots were enough to give his team the match points.

Meanwhile Central were defeating South Oxford. Tom McKenna’s twenty shot win and good wins on two other rinks sees Central move to the top of the division.

A fifteen shot win by Paul Sage of Blackbird Leys proved insufficient for the visitors as Woodstock won well on the other three rinks in the final match in the division.

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Match Results
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