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September 15th, 2013:

Oxford City & County are National Top Club Champs

National Top Club Champions 2013

Oxford City & County Ladies are the 2013 National Top Club champions after defeating Egham BC, Surrey in the final today at Leamington Spa. The team consisted of Myra Lewis, Carol Gaskins, Carol Penson, Sue Mayo, Jeanette Berry, Gail Gilkes, Jacky Gray, Maggie Alderson, Donna Knight and Katherine Hawes along with reserves Sue Lacey and Margaret Stacey.

In the singles, Myra Lewis defeated Egham’s Charlotte Emmanuel 21 – 13 giving City & County an excellent head start in the final. The triple of Sue Mayo, Jeanette Berry and Gail Gilkes also powered ahead against Doreen Hankin winning out by ten shots. Katherine Hawes’ four of Jacky Gray, Maggie Alderson and Donna Knight had a close tussle with Pam Garden’s rink eventually losing out by 5 shots. Carol Gaskins and Carol Penson were the last rink to finish against Pauline Clarke and needed to keep the score within 8 shots after their 19th end and picked up a single to ensure City & County’s victory.

Full results:

Quarter Final: Oxford City & County BC (Oxfordshire) bt Swinton BC (Yorkshire) 2-2 (89-80); Singles: M Lewis 19, S Allen 21; Pairs: C Penson 14, L Metcalfe 22; Triples: G Gilkes 26, J Hill 17; Fours: K Hawes 30, S Slightholme 20.

Semi Final: Oxford City & County BC (Oxfordshire) bt Parkway BC (Huntingdonshire) 3-1; Singles: M Lewis 21, K Burrows 4; Pairs: C Penson 15, C Popple 19; Triples: G Gilkes 22, V Newson 11; Fours: K Hawes 25, P Reynolds 8.

Final: Oxford City & County BC (Oxfordshire) bt Egham BC (Surrey) 2-2 (67-58); Singles: M Lewis 21, C Emmanuel 13; Pairs: C Penson 14, P Clarke 18; Triples: G Gilkes 20, D Hankin 10; Fours: K Hawes 12, P Garden 17.