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March, 2013:

OBA Yearbook

The 2013 OBA Yearbooks are currently being delivered to clubs and should be available for collection from clubs within the next few days.

Will competitors in the Two Wood Singles competition please take note of the insertion on this page regarding markers.

OBA County Friendly Games

The Application sheets are with club Secretaries, and the names for the first four games have to be with the County Secretary Steve Tolhurst, no later than Friday April 5th.

  • Northamptonshire at Banbury Chestnuts BC, Tuesday May 14th.
  • Home Counties BA at Oxford City & County BC, Wednesday May 15th.
  • Bedfordshire at Linslade BC, Tuesday May 21st.
  • English Civil Service BA at Brackley BC, Wednesday May 22nd.

If you are unable to get to your club to put your name down before this date, please email your application to Steve at:

All subsequent applications are to be made through your club sheets.